With 2018 now in full swing, Sine is releasing four new features; smart notifications, multiple selection, printed badge customisation and site list with integrations. Additionally, SAML SSO is now in beta for our enterprise clients. 

Smart notifications are now available through the mobile app on both iOS and Android.  SinePoint Pro users are now able to check-in, check-out, dismiss, and even remove nearby notifications for sites they no longer visit, right from their lock screen. With no need to enter passwords and work through settings on the app, check-in just got even easier!

A new addition has come to forms with Multiple Selection now available as a field choice. Like it’s name suggests multiple selection allows visitors to select more than one answer to a question. Much like the multiple choice field, you can also designate which selections are required in order for check-in to proceed. This field is perfect for induction requirements like appropriate safety gear, or multiple certificates.

You spoke and we listened! Badges now have even larger font, allowing clients to view information easily from a distance. For those that do not utilise photo-ID, we have removed the standard avatar, allowing for a better looking, wider spaced set up to your visitor badge.

Integrations can now be viewed per site. With this handy feature you are able to instantly know which sites have had integrations placed on them, and what those integrations are. Sine has a wide variety of possible integrations for their clients and are constantly adding more to the list. 

To learn more about setting up these great new features, check out our help desk.

SAML SSO is now available in beta for enterprise clients! Allowing clients to directly log into their Sine accounts using their company credentials, SAML SSO will streamline the process of logging in to your Sine dashboard without having to enter your Sine password. To apply to be part of the beta, click here.