Sine has released a update which includes new features to help you streamline your sign in processes and keep you as updated as possible on all visitors, both past and present, that have logged in. We’ve put together a quick video highlighting these changes or, if you prefer, you can read all about the new update below.

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Daily Automatic Reports

Did you know you can get a daily email report sent automatically to you and your staff of choice? And it just got better! The daily email report has undergone a transformation and now shows the complete listing of all people that have checked in, been rejected, and auto expired. It can also show total active passes from within the last 24 hours, including a total pass summary of visitor type. This enables you to quickly, and easily, see at a glance not just how many visitors have checked-in, but what visitor category they were classified under. In order to facilitate these new features we have altered the look and feel of the new email system, streamlining the report features for easy to understand functionality and use.

So how do you get going? It’s easy. Simply go to the reports section of your Sine dashboard, click on the ’email reports’ tab at the top, and click the ‘enable daily summary’ button. From there you can choose what time your daily report arrives, as well as who it goes to, and what information you want sent in the report. Still not sure? Check out our online help tutorial on Daily Automatic Email Reports.

Exception Outputs

The export activity data tool has been altered so you can choose to export information on rejected visitors only. Rejected visitors are visitors that were rejected at sign in for one of two reasons: 1) Host Rejection, where the host, or person they had come in to see, chose not to approve the visitor check-in . 2) External Rejection, where our webhook is running and the visitor failed to pass a third party check provided by Sine to ensure that each visitor is qualified to be on site.

Rejected visitor information will be sent to you as a CSV file, allowing you to see not only who was rejected but why, and allowing you to keep all records close at hand. As with the previous version, ‘export data’ is found in the reports section of your dashboard. To learn how to download activity reports, check out our help page on Reporting.

Improved Activity Filtering

We have added a new search bar to the activity feed section on your dashboard. This allows you to search through your visitors for specific people, company affiliates and/or other associated keywords. You can also filter your activity by status and site allocated, allowing you information on who has been accepted, rejected, and where they are currently located, all at a glance. To learn more about your activity filtering, check out Sines help page on the Activity Feed. 

Additional Feature Enhancements

  • Updated formatting prevents invite emails being accidentally sent when adding hosts in the dashboard.
  • Visitors who have previously signed in will be able to use the profile picture from their last visit.