Hey there

We thought you might have a real life out there and may have missed some of the impressive new features and enhancements we have rolled out here at Sine HQ over the last 12 months. So, here is a quick summary of the new features and cracking improvements (drum roll):

  • Super fast check-in speeds – instant Activity Feed on check-in from the iPad or mobile apps
  • Delegates – delegate host notifications to your colleagues
  • One tap courier check-in – instant courier check-in with mail room notifications
  • Instant check-in from your lock screen
  • Host messaging and visitor check-out from mobile – hosts can reply message to visitors on arrival and check visitors out from Sine for mobile
  • Multiple visitor types and smart check-in form flows
  • Multiple languages – iPad and mobile app support for many European languages and more being added all the time
  • Scan & Track – allocate keys, passes and assets to individuals with a simple QR code tag attached to your assets
  • Profile verification – verify your email, mobile and add photo ID to enter a wider range of sites
  • Integration with Aruba Clearpass to allow guests to receive Wi-Fi access details on check-in
  • Integration with Active Directory to make Host uploads automated
  • Geofencing enhancement – move your pin to a more precise location
  • Deep and faster Activity search and enhancements
  • New support centre at help.sine.co with 24 hour support across all time zones
  • WebHooks – create a custom workflow that gets triggered when a visitor signs in on the iPad, mobile Apps or web check-in
  • Printer diagnostics –  alert your site administrator by email and SMS if the Brother 720NW printer has run out of paper
  • International mobile entry on SinePoint Pro for iPad – great for international guests
  • Invite only mode and major Invitations enhancements – Jan 17 release. Make your site invite-only and only allow invited guests or contractors onto site

Read more about these features at our blog pages and try Sine for free anytime with no credit card required or obligation.

More amazing features and enhancements are underway for 2017 and thanks for all your feedback. Reach us via live chat, email or call us anytime.

To catch up in detail on any of these features you can schedule a live demo.

Happy checking-in.

Team Sine