When you buy a quality bottle of Shiraz from South Australia’s famous Barossa Valley, no matter how nice the label is or how schmick the marketing, it’s a given that it’s what’s inside the bottle that counts.

Sine’s digital visitor management software is exactly the same.

Yes, the interface is as attractive as the imaginary love-child of George Clooney and Selena Gomez, but Sine is far more than just a pretty face.

Evacuation Lists

If there’s an emergency at your work site or in your work place, having Sine on your front desk will help you to look after the safety of everyone on your premises.

In a matter of seconds you can have access to a complete (and legible) evacuation list of all visitors currently on site, plus you’ll also have the ability to contact them via in-app notification or email to warn them of any danger and advise them to head to your designated emergency meeting point.


Sine’s cloud-based platform, SineWeb, gives you the ability to perform reporting and analytics on every site and device linked to your Sine account. Accessible from wherever you are (so long as you have an internet connection), SineWeb is compatible with all web browsers and provides you with easy to read reports that give you the information you need at the press of a button.


Sine’s digital visitor management software is your perfect partner when it comes to hosting an event. Sine can issue invitations to your guests using an online portal, known as Sine Hosts, to send custom invitations to your guests for a meeting or event.  These invitations can include specific messages to your guests or even custom internal notes, visible only to authorised personnel within your organisation, to help ensure the smooth running of any event or meeting.


Not only is it much prettier than a piece of paper, Sine is also much faster. Even at a base level, your visitors will find it much faster to enter their details via an iPad into Sine’s digital visitor management software than to write it all down on a piece of paper. Once you start using Sine’s ability to pre-populate your visitor’s information, or your guests start checking in using the Sine app on their smart-phones however, it’s a whole different ball-game. Signing in will take mere seconds and will require little to no effort on the part of your guests, which they’ll love.

Less Paper

Sine’s digital visitor management software can reduce the amount of paper you use at your workplace, which can be highly beneficial to your business for more reasons than the obvious. Yes, you will no longer have to have a tatty sign-in book at your front desk, but that’s not the only advantage of switching to a paperless sign-in system. As a result of not having paper-based sign-in books, you will no longer have to physically store your visitor records.

All visitor records will be stored digitally, freeing up the valuable real estate your filing cabinets currently take up and significantly reducing archiving costs. As a result of storing your records digitally, these records will be available to you in a matter of seconds, no matter where you are or when you want to access them.

They will also be much more secure, with only authorised personnel able to gain access to this important and sometimes sensitive information. And, there’s always that one final word on this particular matter: the environment.

Whilst they’ve gone to every effort to ensure that Sine looks as professional and as attractive as possible (because who doesn’t love a pretty face?), the developers behind Sine’s software are all too aware that, just like people, it’s what’s inside that really counts.

The core benefits of Sine’s digital visitor management software, from it’s advanced reporting abilities to the streamlining of your guests’ check-in process and everything in between, are it’s heart and soul; these are what you will truly fall in love with when it comes to Sine.