In most cases, site induction is conducted on the first occasion of a contractor’s visit to site and thereafter is only refreshed on an annual basis. With vital information such as site-specific risks being so dynamic on a work site, this annual approach is vastly inadequate when it comes to protecting the health and well-being of your contractors and the safety your work site.

As site managers, Sine gives you the ability to ensure all contractors view, read and agree to important site-specific risks each and every time they visit your site; whether that be once a day, once a week or once a month.

When signing in with Sine, all contractors can be required to view and acknowledge important site-specific information before they are granted access to the site. This information can be updated and amended by you on an as-needs basis, thereby enabling you to respond in real-time to the ever-changing environment of your workplace.

Because this critical information is easily accessible electronically as a part of your contractors’ usual sign-in procedure, the process not only decreases the risk to your contractors and your business, it does so without delaying entry to your site or reducing productivity. To further boost efficiency, contractors can also choose to download the Sine app to their iPhone or Android free of charge, which allows them to sign-in using their smart-phone. This capability also provides them with access to your critical site-specific information  and risk alerts beyond sign-in, on demand, whenever it is required.

Ongoing induction with Sine gives you the ability to make sure that your contractors are always aware of the latest, dynamic, site-specific risks that are applicable to your work site. This reduces the risk inherent on your site to both your contractors and your business. Contact us today to talk about how Sine can help increase the safety and well-being of your work site.