Large companies are constantly facing high traffic lobbies at multiple locations, with evolving complex needs and unique requirements. Luckily, visitor management companies such as Sine offer Enterprise plans that can help cater to corporations with large-scale security needs and a high volume of visitors.

Keep reading as we unravel the perks of being part of an Enterprise Plan and how it can help streamline and simplify your workplace.


Tailored to your needs

Sine takes a personalised approach to help you get the best out of an Enterprise visitor management system:

Personalised onboarding

Sine will take the hassle out of setting up your new visitor management system. We will be there to set up all your requirements, including logos and artwork for your SinePoint iPad app, host uploads, Active Directory set-up, and onboarding your team. This also includes device management for your iPads and taking care of iPad updates. As a result, you won’t have to worry about needing to use Apple ID’s.


Dedicated account manager

We won’t sleep until every Enterprise customer is looked after. Our expert team will arrange a personalised quote based on the number of sites and check-ins per day. 


Access to all integrations

Another perk to adding to our Enterprise plan is that you will have access to all our Integrations, which are supported applications or services that work with your existing visitor management system.

Enterprise exclusive integrations to protect your company:


The KeyWatcher + Sine integration can help provide Enterprise customers with a seamless, integrated key management solution. With Sine + KeyWatcher, you can set up and maintain secure site lists for key access for either one site, or multiple sites, right from your Sine Web dashboard. Lockdown entry lists so that only approved entrants can gain access to your key cabinet. Access lists can be created based on identity criteria and time/location criteria, whereby the access setup can be shared securely between team members.


Other enterprise exclusive integrations

Access control:

  • Gallagher: The Sine + Gallagher Integration is a must-have for businesses that place a large importance on security, especially multi-tenant buildings, as it allows controlled access to specific floors and office spaces right from the Sine Dashboard. The process is simple, yet the outcome will add a whole new layer of security for your business.
  • Honeywell: The Sine + Honeywell integration allows you to automatically provision access credentials before arriving on site, which is then used to check-in. Similar to Gallagher, visitors will be automatically provisioned a personalised QR code which they will then use to scan at the Honeywell Scanners.

Our access control integrations can help empower you to efficiently manage multiple access points, whilst maintaining a smooth and uninterrupted check-in process.

Contractor Management:

  • Cm3: The Sine + Cm3 integration makes it simple to manage contractor inductions and pre-qualifications online in real-time. As a result, you can verify that all contractors hold the required and up-to-date qualifications to work on your site.
  • Browz: The Sine + Browz integration helps you ensure that every contractor signing into your site is checked and approved for work before they begin. Ensure that your contractors are safe, qualified, and responsible by performing automatic live checks when they check in.
  • Kineo: The Sine + Kineo integration enables you to check your contractor’s verification status, account validity, and status of their course completion for any number of Kineo Units.
  • Axion Altora: With the Sine + Axion integration, deliver inductions and safety training.

These integrations can help businesses keep track of all the essential data on contractors entering and leaving the workplace. Not only this, but they can help you to ensure your contractors stay compliant with relevant laws and industry regulations.

Event management:

  • Eventbrite: The Sine + Eventbrite integration allows you to go completely paperless at your events by enabling guests to check into the event using their Eventbrite QR code. Simply swap out the registration sheet with an all-in-one kiosk. Helping to cut out unnecessary long queues and give your employees more time at the event.

Construction Management:

  • Procore: With the Sine + Procore integration, workplace managers can see a company-wide view of contractor attendance and analyse hourly data in real-time.

Enterprise exclusive features:

There’s more! Not only will you receive exceptional customer service and access to all our integrations, but you will also have access to enterprise exclusive features. Just to name a few:

  • Authentication SSO
  • Custom terms and legals
  • Infosec Questionnaires

Are you ready to see how Sine’s Enterprise Plan can help simplify and streamline your corporation? Book a demo with our awesome team today!