The team have been busy beavering away at some cool new features that we are pleased to be introducing and are live right now…

Host automation


Sine Pro now allows you to automate the updating of your Host list. Just follow these steps here and your IT department can automate the uploading of a Host CSV file to Sine. This is ideal for larger employee directories (i.e. Active Directory).

Web hooks


Want to integrate a service to Sine and create a custom integration? With Sine Web hooks, you can create a custom workflow that gets triggered when a visitor signs in on the iPad, mobile Apps or web check-in. You can see the details here.

Site tags


You can now add Tags to your Sites under Sites >  Settings > General to give more context to your reporting and group your Sites.


Add descriptions such as divisions, locations and references to your Sites and see your portfolio of Sites under our new Site list in Reports. Export your list of Sites and filter/ sort the results by Tag. Ideal for a portfolio of Sites where you need to filter and search by Tag.


Printer diagnostics


Sine will now alert your site administrator by email and SMS if your Brother 720NW printer has run out of paper. Ideal if your site is remote. *Please update your SinePoint Pro iPad App to the latest version to take advantage of this new feature.

Sine is launching a bunch of new features over the coming months and we will be in touch soon. Reach us anytime and thanks for all the feedback.