How does security work in the digital world?

It’s a question that is often asked, with a heavy emphasis on how secure your digital profile is, and more importantly, how it can be improved. In the tech world, management of system security is often supplemented with a process called ‘hardening’. This is the practice of taking several simple steps to form layers of additional protection to your core security management.

‘Defence in depth’. When it comes to digital security, it’s probably a phrase you’ve heard before. It explains the process of patching vulnerabilities and potential weak spot in your computers or networks security system. The most well-known examples are using antivirus protection, uninstalling unused software, and regularly downloading the latest bug fixes. Three small everyday I.T. examples that lead to safer, more secure computers, which are harder to break into.

In the same vein, whilst investigating in a high-end security system is a key part of managing your on-site or building security, there are many simple and effective methods that you can use to add additional layers of protection and provide reinforcement to your system.

How Sine can help.

With Sine as your starting point, let’s consider six simple ways a digital visitor management system can add protection to your business; from the moment your employees, contractors, and visitors step through your door, to the moment they leave your site.

  1. Who: Know who has arrived on site at check-in and record their information along with obtaining photo ID. Additionally, Sine has introduced two-step mobile and email verification to its smartphone app, allowing site managers to require all entrants to have verified their ID before entering.
  2. When: Sine offers real time notification of contractor or visitor arrival via email, SMS, or the Sine mobile app. Hosts can also choose to accept or reject visitors – an ideal function for businesses that operate remote sites.
  3. What: When it comes to what is needed for a contractor or visitor to access a site, Sine allows hosts to customize check-in form to verify special permits for easy approval or rejection by the host. These forms can also be setup to verify what works are to be completed, not to mention display your HSE information, inductions, PPE reminders and all other workplace related processes.
  4. Where: Do you know where your visitors are at all times? Track time and attendance of contractors via our easy to use web dashboard. Sine also provides check out reports detailing whether works were completed, gates were locked, and keys returned, while the software’s geo-fencing function automatically checks out visitors who leave the geo-fence area.
  5. Why: Know with a glance that someone is authorized to be on site with a printed badge that states their name, company, and verifies their identity with a photo.
  6. How: Referring back to step one, how can you continue to know that the person checking out of your site is who they say they are? The solution is simple – use facial recognition technology. It’s a system that works by capturing the facial parameters of an individual at first visit, ready to scan, match and correctly identify that person on all return visits.

Sine offers many layers of ‘hardening’ solutions to your onsite security management, through the who, when, what, where, why, and how of our intelligent digital visitor management system. Contact Sine today to see for yourself the ‘defence in depth’ that it provides.