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Skype for Business: A new way to be notified

Emails are very quickly becoming outdated and being overtaken by newer, more efficient communication channels.

It’s not uncommon to see hundreds of unread emails within an inbox with most of them being annoying marketing emails. Maybe that’s the reason why we’ve all moved on – constant spam and way too much time required for upkeep. 

The first of the ‘new age’ communication channels was Facebook’s instant messaging feature, allowing you to send real-time messages via the internet. Which skyrocketed into hundreds, if not thousands, of companies looking to capitalise on this new communication channel. Companies like; Slack, WeChat and WhatsApp. 

With the importance of instant messaging within the workplace and the want to streamline your communication channels, we’ve partnered with Skype for Business.

What is Skype for Business?

Skype for Business is an all-in-one communication platform that allows you to manage things like meetings, instant messages, voicemails, and file transfers. Quickly becoming one of the most popular business communication platforms, it’s essential for companies hosting and attending meetings via conference call and video chats.

How can you use it with Sine?

Sine is a visitor management platform that allows you to track check-ins, deliveries, and assets from one easy-to-use dashboard. 

One of Skype for Business’s many features is the ability to instantly message anyone within your contact list. 

Skype for business integration

Once integrated, you’ll be able to get notifications of check-ins via Skype For Business. Meaning that you’ll have less clutter within your inbox and minimise the tools you need to use.

A simpler process for getting notified 

People still expect to get a response to an email within 24-48 hours which means that you probably don’t check your emails every 5 minutes. So sending an email notifying you of your visitor checking in may not be a realistic channel.

So we developed a more viable way.

Here’s how the integration works. 

1. The visitor checks in to your site using Sine’s visitor management software

Upon arrival, the visitor will fill out their name and a few more key details including the nature of the visit. Once they’ve selected the ‘visitor’ option they will come to another screen that will ask them to pick who they’re visiting. 

Sine checkin process

Please note – our Skype for Business may not be applicable to deliveries, contractors and some visit types. Primarily it’s for people scheduled to see someone within the site. 

Once they’ve found the person they’re visiting and have selected them, they will be taken to a thank you screen where they may see further instructions depending on the requirements of your site.

2. The visitor’s label is instantly printed

Their badge will be instantly printed and they will now wait for you to greet them.

Sine's brother printer

3. You receive a notification via Skype for Business

Once your visitor has checked in, you’ll receive a notification from Sine through your Skype For Business account. So you’ll know as soon as they arrive without having to check your email constantly around the time your meeting is scheduled or force the receptionist to chase you up.

Skype for business integration

4.  One more notification is sent upon check out

For most sites, it’s essential that you know where your visitors are at all times. In some cases, it’s the law. With our Skype for Business integration, you’ll be sent a notification as soon as your visitor leaves the site. 

Skype for business text

The broader range of integrations 

You’ve always been able to be notified of check-ins via email, SMS and push notifications on the Sine app but we know people have moved on and want to be notified through other channels. Besides, there’s nothing more annoying than adding on yet another tool you have to use. 

We first introduced Slack as a platform to receive notifications and have now added Skype for Business to broaden your choices. 

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