There are a small number of key questions that smart businesses will ask themselves incessantly:

‘How can we improve our services?’

‘What processes can we put in place to better our customer experience?’

‘How can we strive to achieve products or services that reach the highest standards?’

These questions tie in with the concept of ‘continuous improvement’, a well-known system that seeks to identify opportunities for streamlining work and eliminating wastage. A large component of the continuous improvement concept revolves around implementing a series of small step changes, resulting in a larger overall increase in productivity, quality, and customer service.

At Sine, the concept of continuous improvement is deeply ingrained within our business philosophy. When it comes to streamlining your workplace, we start right at the beginning – from the moment your customers, visitors, and contractors walk through the door. Out goes the antiquated sign in book and in comes an automated and easy to use software system that welcomes your guests in an efficient and informative manner. But it doesn’t stop there.

From the moment they arrive, our digital visitor management system offers a variety of solutions that go beyond simply signing in at reception. From visitor safety, asset management, reporting, and more, we have analysed, assessed, and built intelligent software solutions that offer both you and your visitors smart and efficient processes for every step of their visit.

Some of the solutions Sine offers to streamline your processes include:

  • Speed
    No one likes a queue, and keeping your guests waiting to sign in upon their arrival is a guaranteed way to frustrate them and provide them with a less than ideal experience.
    We looked at this problem and designed a pre-registration feature that enables hosts to invite guests, sending them an ‘airline’ style QR code for easy scanning upon arrival. Need badges for large groups? Pre-print from your guest list so that they’re ready for pickup when theh group arrives.
  • Communication
    So often we find that receptionists will waste precious time attempting to locate hosts to notify them of their guests’ arrival. Sine takes communication one step further and not only sends hosts a direct notification upon the successful sign-in of their guest, but also allows the host to send quick communications back through to the visitor. Running five minutes late to pick up your guest? Let them know using the Sine Pro App messaging system.
  • Safety
    Any measure to increase visitor or contractor safety is an important one. We seek to strike the fine balance between offering increased efficiencies whilst ensuring your due diligence and safety measure checks are covered.

    Using the SinePoint Pro app, you can display non-disclosure agreements, fire evacuation diagrams, or permit requirements for quick and easy check off. Once your visitor or contractor is onsite, Sine can also send instant alerts or evacuation notifications directly to their smart phones. Hosts are able to print a checklist of all onsite visitors in just a few clicks.

And this is just the start! For even more information, have a look at our handy user guide, which outlines 10 solutions that Sine offers to make visitor, staff, and contractor registration at your workplace quick and easy.