Finding the balance between safety, security, and a warm and open welcome can be a little tricky. Welcoming visitors into your fold with one hand whilst giving them a rule book, in case of emergency information, and a legal contract to sign with the other can certainly send mixed messages to your guests, even if they understand the reasons behind the bombardment of the latter.

Luckily, Sine has mastered the art of finding the perfect balance between welcoming guests into your workplace and keeping them, your team, and your business safe at the same time.

Each type of visitor that you have coming to your workplace comes with their own set of safety and security concerns, their own access requirements, and their own informational needs. When you set up Sine to welcome guests to your workplace, you have the ability to determine a number of visitor types, and you can configure each one to make each visitor type feel welcomed whilst still providing them with the specific safety, security and risk management information they need for their particular visit.

For example, a tradesperson will require physical safety information, the OH&S points of contact for their visit, and access limited according to the area in which they are required to work. A contractor however, may need to sign a non-disclosure agreement, will need to know where essential office resources are located, and will likely have a single person they need to report to. The appropriate information will be provided for each visitor type and will be readily available for each visitor via the SinePro app. This means that they will have access to the information they need as they need it simply by using their smart-phone, avoiding the need for reams of paper outlining each item of information they will need throughout their visit.

Sine enables you to analyse the safety and security risks that each visitor type may be exposed to and, equally, that they may expose your business to, and allows you to tailor each visitor’s check-in process to cater to these accordingly.

Providing your visitors with the information they need, tailored to the type of visitor they are, whether that be a tradesperson, guest, or contractor, whilst still ensuring they are made to feel welcome is something that Sine can help you to excel at. Talk to us today about how we can help you to achieve the perfect balance between welcoming and safe for your business.