A digital visitor management system is, at it’s absolute base level, a way of keeping track of who has been in and out of your office. But it can, and should, be and do so much more than that. Digital visitor management systems are revolutionizing the greeting points of businesses around the world, but they’re certainly not all created equal. Across the marketplace, the solutions offered by various digital visitor management software providers can vary greatly, with some offering more limited functionality than others, whilst some lock down certain aspects of their software dependant upon the level of your subscription or membership, only giving you the good stuff if you pay a premium. Often it can feel as though trying to find the right digital visitor management system for your business involves the impossible task of comparing apples with oranges. To make things easier, here are three things you should make sure that your digital visitor management system does for both you and your visitors, as a minimum:

  1. Make sure it makes your sign-in procedure obvious and easy.
    Are your visitors ever confused about what they should do when they arrive at your reception area? Is your sign-in process obvious to your guests when they walk through the door, and is it easy for them to navigate? Your digital visitor management system should make your visitor’s experience simple and straightforward. Your sign-in tablet should be clearly displayed in a prominent position so that your guests notice it straight away and are drawn towards it. The interface should reflect your company’s branding, creating a sense of continuity with your business. It should also offer an easy, step-by-step process for your visitors to follow that provides clear expectations and instructions to your guests, eliminating confusion whether your guests are repeat visitors or there for the very first time.
  2. Make sure it informs your hosts of their guests’ arrival.
    Nothing makes a guest feel less important than being kept waiting for extended periods of time at your reception area, and nothing adds to this time more than the receptionist having to spend valuable time trying to track down a host to let them know their guest has arrived. Make sure your digital visitor management system has the ability to send notifications to your hosts the moment their guests have signed in. Whether this be via text message or an in-app message, with an email, or preferably, with your host’s choice of one or all three of these methods. It adds significant value to your guest’s experience of your business if they are kept waiting for as little time as possible and your team will appreciate being notified promptly of their guests’ arrival.
  3. Make sure it helps to keep everyone safe in case of an emergency. Emergency evacuations are a critical thing to get right and your digital visitor management system should play an integral part in helping you to keep everyone on your premises safe, staff and visitors alike. The ability to obtain a complete list of every person on site at any given moment, at the click of a button, is essential for ensuring that everyone is accounted for in case of an emergency; but this is just the starting point of what your digital visitor management software should be able to do for you. Your system should also have the ability to instantly contact everyone on site, whether via in-app notification or via text message, informing your staff and guests of the emergency and providing clear instructions on what to do next. Furthermore, your digital visitor management system should provide all guests with an easily accessible ‘in case of emergency’ procedure that they can access via an app on their smart-phone, ensuring they have the information they need to navigate an emergency in a location that may be unfamiliar to them.

Introducing a digital visitor management system that adds value to their day is something that both your employees and their guests will appreciate. By ensuring that your new digital sign-in solution covers off on the above three points, as an absolute minimum, is a great way to confirm that you are moving in the right direction with the system that you choose.