You’d be forgiven for thinking that Sine’s visitor management software is all about the check-in and the ability to contact any visitors, guests or contractors on your premises in real-time in case of an emergency. Whilst these are both very important features and are clear focal points of Sine’s visitor management software, Sine goes beyond that, to the point at which your visitors, guests or contractors leave your premises, providing a complete visitor management experience.

Sine’s sign-out forms, or exit checklists, are one of the core features of Sine’s digital visitor management software. Sign-out forms enable you to check in with your visitor as they check-out.

Why would you want to do this? Valuable information can be garnered from your visitors when they’re on their way out the door.

Gathering that information, however, can be difficult. Your visitors, guests or contractors are usually on their way to somewhere else and don’t have the time to stop and chat. Additionally, if they’ve had a negative experience with you on that day, they may feel uncomfortable about discussing the issue in person. Sine’s sign-out forms allow your visitors, guests and contractors to answer questions about their experience visiting your premises on their way out, quickly, privately and unobtrusively.

What might you want to ask? Well, that depends on the kind of workplace you are and on the types of visitors you have.


You might have a corporate office, be a place of education or otherwise be in the position of receiving guests for appointments or meetings. As such, you might like to know whether your guest was greeted warmly and was made to feel welcome. Perhaps whether they were offered a cup of tea or coffee or given any paperwork that they might have needed to complete. Did their appointment or meeting start on time? Was it conducted in a professional manner? Would they recommend your business or service to their friends and why or why not? Anything you might like to know, that might help you to improve your business, you can ask your guests as they leave your premises.

Office-based contractors

You might be a business that employs independent contractors and freelancers who come in to utilise your office space whilst they are completing work for you. Even though they are not ‘fully’ employed by you, you still want to do right by them and ensure they are motivated and enjoying the work they do for you. After all, you clearly value their contribution – you wouldn’t have them there in the first place otherwise. There’s also a fair chance that you will want to be able to utilise their skill sets again in the future. For these reasons, you will want to make sure that your contractor or freelancer comfortable. You might like to know whether they feel you are being too hands-on, or not hands-on enough with them. Have they got access to the resources they need in order to complete their work? Would they recommend other contractors and freelancers to work with you? Why or why not? Would they like to work with you again? How could you improve the space you provide them with whilst they’re working on-site? All of these questions can help you to establish a better working relationship with the contractors and freelancers you employ.

Tradespeople and work-site contractors

You might be a work-site employing tradespeople and contractors to perform manual labour. Or, you might be an office that requires tradespeople to come in from time to time to perform maintenance. Either way, safety is a primary concern and prevention is always better than cure; it’s important that you know of anything that could improve the on-site safety of both your staff and the people you employ to come in and conduct work within your environment; this is key to reducing your risk of experiencing a notifiable incident. Australian Federal Safety Commissioner, Mr Alan Edwards, emphasised the importance of taking these very steps in 2013 saying, “Ignoring a near miss may perpetuate an underlying problem. Companies shouldn’t wait for an actual injury to occur to identify and remedy system weaknesses that potentially put workers at needless risk.”

Sine’s sign-out forms can be used to ask your tradespeople and contractors whether there were any incidents or near-misses that occurred on-site that day. Was any unsafe behaviour observed whilst they were on-site? Did they notice anything that could be improved?

Questions on site organisation and equipment reminders can also be asked to ensure that your project is, and remains, running as efficiently as possible. Was the site ready for your tradesperson’s or contractor’s work to be conducted when they arrived? Have all keys and access cards been returned to the security officer prior to their departure?

— — — — —

Anything that you might like, or need, to know can be asked quickly, privately and unobtrusively of those exiting your premises using Sine’s digital visitor management software. Being completely customisable, the advantages of this functionality to your office or work-site are limited only by the questions you can think to ask.