“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”

~ Kofi Annan

Education is evolving, and it’s evolving fast.

Since the digital revolution in the 1970s, with the introduction of home based computers and gaming consoles, technology has been constantly changing. What started off as an exciting, but limited, enterprise has continuously gained momentum. Indeed, todays tech is akin to a sprint of new ideas and everyday changes to life as we know it.

In the wider context of education, we have seen the power that technology has. It inspires collaboration, creates new relationships, generates new ideas, and most importantly, advances educational achievements and availability. Information that was once found in a large and heavy collection of ‘Funk & Wagnalls’ encyclopaedias is now available at the click of a button, or a swipe of our fingertips. Students have access to all new learning platforms and information, from devices that they can carry around in their very own pockets. And what’s more, they now have the ability to gather, share, and absorb information from all over the world.

STEM Schools, education for the new generation

With education and technology now inseparable allies, STEM Schools (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) are surging in popularity – and rightly so. Computer coding subjects are now considered a standard part of early learning. Indeed, the current generation of children enter their school years with a firm grasp of technology such as iPads and computers, and all the benefits that the internet can provide them.

The digital world for youth today is constantly accessible, constantly online, and constantly progressing. Technology is no longer the economy of the future – it is the economy of the now. Couple this with education and you have what is conceivably one of the strongest forces for progress that society has ever witnessed. It is inevitable, it is unstoppable, and for the first time, it is our children that are starting to lead the way forward.

How can we continue to lead our children forward?

The answer is to lead by example. To ensure our processes for managing our schools and students are as progressive as our students themselves. We’ve already started by providing them with computer systems and online educational sources of information, but what about our everyday processes?

Instead of the old school paper sign-in book, the use of visitor management software (VMS) Sine adds a high-tech functionality to your schools system. With the ability to check-in easily using a free-to-download app (or by using an iPad set up in your reception area), you exponentially expand your capabilities to monitor everything that occurs within your walls.

Some key features Sine provides include:

  • Monitor student attendance and know who is on school premises in real time. Capture late arrivals. Digital records of everyone who has checked-out of school grounds.
  • Manage who can gain access to your school site with host approvals, including ID verification functions.
  • Facial recognition technology to match and reject any blacklisted individuals.
  • Capture of visitors photo via SinePoint Pro iPad app to improve security through clear identification while on school property.
  • Produce instant roll call reports in the event of an emergency evacuation.
  • Generate historical attendance reports.

While your students are busy leading the digital revolution, make sure you keep pace by implementing Sine as a vital technological solution for the management and safety of you both your students and staff. Check out our free e-book on visitor management for schools and trial Sine VMS for free today