Even before the games started, the Rio Olympic Village demonstrated some impressive visitor management issues. The Australian team refused to move from their Copacabana hotel until exposed wiring, blocked toilets and other hazards were fixed. Organisers had to hustle and deploy a taskforce of plumbers, cleaners and electricians to make the last minute repairs.

A rubbish fire caused by discarded cigarettes from contractors led to the evacuation of Australian athletes. An alarm system was disabled by maintenance workers resulting in at least one athlete sleeping through the entire episode unnoticed and in all the chaos, team property and computers were stolen.  The Olympics – yay!

Let’s unpack this a little.

Last minute contractors on site? Sine is all over that. If contractors come on site, Sine ensures they are registered and their coming and goings are recorded.

Using Sine, contractors can be given an induction, warning or reminder at check in – perhaps about smoking or site procedures. Changes can be communicated easily, so you can remind everyone checking in today about the new evacuation ‘buddy process’ to ensure no one gets forgotten.

You can save regular contractors time by setting them up to automatically check in based on the geolocation of their phone. You can also set the conditions of their access. This can even be done at remote or unmanned sites – like the Russian team’s accommodation.

Olympic officials can be automatically notified (via email, SMS or the Sine app) that contractors have arrived and accept or reject visitor access. So even though they might look like a hammer thrower, Sine can be used to distinguish between athletes and tradies.

Using Sine, Olympic officials can be in constant communication with all the contractors on site, either individually or by groups. Great for notifying people about important information and emergencies like fires.

Checklists can be issued to contractors for specific sites, so you can confirm they complete important regular tasks, or simply return the keys to the equipment shed on time so you can get the hurdles out tomorrow.

Detailed reporting and analytics lets you see who was on site at any particular time. Sine takes security seriously. Our technology architecture, data storage, hosting, encryption and processes are built on security best practices. Unlike some athletes, our tests produce clean results.

The Olympic Village has, without doubt, a significant requirement for good, efficient and comprehensive management of the people coming and going within it. The safety and security of thousands of people at the games depends on it. Your business is no different. Sine turns a frequently irritating and unsecure process into a great customer experience, improving the safety, efficiency and security of your organisation for everyone who comes in contact with it.