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Sine, a Honeywell company, is helping CRE companies across the globe deliver a seamless journey that is hybrid environment ready.

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What is Sine?

Sine is a leading mobile workplace and visitor management technology. Whether you’re a visitor, contractor, or an employee, Sine works to make your workplace and your people more safe, more secure, and more productive.
Today, our app is in use at thousands of sites and has tracked over 50 million check-ins for its global clientele list that spans across a wide variety of industries including commercial real estate, pharma, education, industrial, logistics, construction, among others. That’s over 500 years of admin time saved!


Webinar: Delivering a Futuristic Experience for Employees and Visitors

Check out Sine’s latest webinar, led by our GM, James Taylor and our Head of North America and EMEA Sales, Cory Anderson.

What we cover:

  • The challenges businesses are facing as they adapt to the new workplace
  • How visitor management can help future-proof your workplace
  • What role access control, automated compliance, integrations and digital monitoring will play in the workplace revolution
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“The Sine software just works and Iooks great in our reception. The customized look of the interface enhances the professional look of the office.”

Steve M
Head of Operations, JLL
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In this 3-part series, we delve into global trends affecting the Commercial Real Estate sector, how they have evolved in the past year and how professionals are adopting technology to stay ahead of the curve.


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