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What data is stored on client devices?

Sine treats iPad clients as untrusted devices, and stores no sensitive data on those devices. All data is immediately transferred to our servers. If the internet connection becomes unavailable the software will not work. Personal mobile apps are securely authenticated and trusted devices and are typically protected by biometrics and security pins, however we still do not use them to store sensitive data. We store the minimum set of data to allow the application to work as intended and provide customer value. Our web applications store a very small amount of data on the client in order to provide seamless login sessions and some user preferences. No sensitive data is stored in our web clients.

What happens if I stop using Sine?

When a customer stops using Sine, their data is left intact in case they decide to resume using our services. However, as a customer, you can choose to delete your data at any time and it is not recoverable.

How long does Sine store my data?

Sine stores data indefinitely, but gives customers the ability to delete their data from our system.

How does Sine manage data encryption?

Sine uses encryption on all communications and at rest. We store the encryption keys securely.

Who else can access customer data?

A limited group of staff within Sine have access to view a customer’s account which is used to provide technical support. Sine staff access is most commonly provided as ‘Read Only’.

How do Sine users authenticate to the dashboard?

Sine users can use either username and password or SAML SSO to log in to the Sine Dashboard.

Where is customer data stored?

All customer data is stored in the Sydney, Australia AWS region.

What do I need to use Sine?

Sine works on any web browser to start checking-in visitors straight away. No additional equipment needed to get started.

What hardware do I need?

Sine also works on an iPad Pro. We also recommend an iPad stand and label printer. Please visit the Sine store for recommendations on the best products.

Which printers work with Sine?

For quick and convenient labels, we support the Brother™ QL-720NW, Brother™ QL-810NW, Brother™ QL-820NWB printers. You can print directly from your iPad, Sine mobile apps or from your browser (note all devices must be connected to the same WiFi network).

How secure is Sine?

Sine takes security very seriously. We encrypt all communications between your mobile devices and our servers. Sine is hosted on Amazon AWS – proven secure platforms.

Which payment methods do you need?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. If you’re looking for an alternate payment method or invoices.

Do you provide support?

Yes. Sine provides full online support at any time. Enterprise customers also enjoy dedicated telephone support too.

How do your Enterprise Plans work?

If your business or organization is checking over 150 visitors a day or you have a large number of sites, then an Enterprise plan may be best suited for you. Contact us to discuss usage and plans. We can provide a full-service offering: account set up, training, hardware, and dedicated support. These plans are ideal for short term events too when you are registering high volumes of guests or members.

How do your plans work?

Our plans are very simple. Don’t worry about which features you need or think you need, they are all included with ALL plans. We include unlimited Hosts (employees) too with ALL plans! Sine plans are simply based on average estimated check-in volume at your site for all check-in types (visitors, staff, contractors couriers etc). No problem if you exceed your plan level, we apply a fair usage policy and will let you know if you need to upgrade only after at least 30 consecutive days of exceeding your plan type.

How do SMS messages work?

Hosts notifications can be sent via SMS, email and push notifications to the Sine mobile App. All plans come with sufficient SMS usage for your plan, subject to our fair usage policy.