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Tenant experience and
better visitor management

Automate your visitor management and create the ideal tenant experience

Geofence your operations with the Sine Pro app

Sine Pro is free and allows visitors, contractors, staff, and any other groups to check in to site. Use geofencing to set up a virtual perimeter and enable repeat visitors to automatically check in.

Smart destination control

After check-in Honeywell will call a lift when the visitor presents their access token and be automatically routed to a floor mapped with rules set during check-in.

Check in visitors without contact by scanning QR codes

Preregister the details of your visitor and send them an email invite. When your visitor arrives, they scan their Fast Track QR code from their mobile invite to check in on the iPad without contact.

Instant tenant notifications

Tenants can be notified of an arrival via email, SMS, push notification and third party services. Allow tenants to accept or reject unannounced visitor requests that have not been pre-registered.

Best Access Control

Automate your site access provisioning with Honeywell. With the Sine + Honeywell integration you will be increasing the security of your site! Visitors will be automatically provisioned a personalised QR code which they will then use to scan at the Honeywell scanners.

Enhanced occupier security

Enhanced occupier security


Flag when a watchlisted visitor has checked-in and notify an approved staff watcher of the visitors arrival.

Photo ID capture

Capture your visitor’s photo ID via the Sine Point Pro iPad app to ensure clear identification at your site.

Face Check

Add facial recognition details to make check-out and subsequent check-ins faster and more secure.

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Improve safety, security and compliance for your visitors, contractors, staff and assets.

Improve safety, security and compliance for your visitors, contractors, staff and assets.


Industrial grade contractor and worker management

Reduce worker induction time and cost

Let Sine power all national and site inductions via the mobile web app. Video inductions and questionnaires can be completed any time via a weblink prior to arriving on site.

Simple document and license upload

Quickly respond to submissions and accept or reject with a message. Review all submissions and analyse document attachments from the Sine dashboard.

Complete inspections and incident reporting

Place QR codes at site and ask contractors to report and upload all details regarding defects, incidents, and inspections via the Sine Pro mobile app. Enable contractors to confirm they have returned all assets and complete exit instructions.

Dedicated Account Manager

Sine quote form

Dedicated Account Manager

Our team ensures that every Enterprise customer is well looked after and will arrange a quote based on the number of locations you are considering to deploy Sine to and the average check-ins per day at each Site. Our plans include all the features you require and we don’t feature gate.

Personalised onboarding

We will take care of all your set up requirements from logos and artwork for your SinePoint iPad app, through to host uploads, Active Directory set-up and on boarding your team. Sine will include device management for your iPads and take care of all iPad updates so you won’t need to use Apple ID’s.

Personalised onboarding

Ipad enterprise clients

Manage your workplace with Sine + Honeywell