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Inspection checklists

Make your business safer with location based checklists

Location based checklists on your mobile

Create a checklist for a specific location and allow your team or external contractors to complete an inspection via their mobile

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4 steps to getting started with Sine

Mobile checklists

Save time and paper with an inspection checklist right on your iPhone or Android device.

Custom inspection types

Trigger a different inspection checklist depending on the type of inspector or auditor visiting your site.

Schedule inspections

Use Sine to schedule inspections in advance and keep a record of which inspections were completed as scheduled.

Reports & Analytics

Track people flows at multiple sites from our centralised web dashboard. Run reports on who’s visiting and why.

Single dashboard, multiple locations

If you have multiple locations, Sine’s powerful dashboard allows you to see who’s completed an inspection checklist across your entire portfolio. See which inspection was completed, at what time, where and by whom. Run reports, save time and save paper.

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Get Started Now. Free for inspectors.

Sine is completely free for inspectors and locations have a 30 day free trial (no credit card required). Locations only pay for the inspections you require.

Try Sine for Free

Not ready? Book a demo and we’ll setup a time to personally show you how Sine can help.

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Checklists are triggered automatically each time you visit a location

Location Based Checklist on Mobile