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Deliver inductions and safety training with the Sine + Altora integration.
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Deliver digital inductions with Altora

The Sine + Altora integration gives you end-to-end contractor management.

Sine's Altora integration will ensure that every contractor has filled out your induction process, then with Sine Core you'll be able to approve or reject their application based on responses.

Simply induct contractors at check-in or reject non-inducted contractors and require them to complete your induction prior to check-in approval.

You'll be able to see analytics on the contractors who have checked-in while also seeing the reporting on the Altora dashboard.


  • Manage digital inductions for manned and unmanned sites
  • Keep workforce compliance up-to-date in real-time
  • Move your inductions to online and save time chasing contractors for completion

Sine account, large plan or above

Altora account

Team admin level account