Honeywell Pro-Watch

Honeywell Pro-Watch

Automate your site access provisioning with Honeywell Pro-Watch

Automate your site access provisioning with Honeywell ProWatch, providing a streamlined access integration for staff, contractors and visitors. 

The Sine + Pro-Watch integration allows you to automatically provision access credentials, to create a seamless link between visitor management and access control systems. Deliver a frictionless user experience, for everyone at your site—without compromising security. 

With a flexible framework, the Sine + Pro-Watch integration can be used to deliver a user journey tailored to the needs of different visitor types. For one-off visitors, a QR code can be printed to their badge, while longer-term users can keep Bluetooth credentials in the SIne Pro mobile app. 

Honeywell is a global tech company focused on innovation within buildings and office spaces. With the Sine + Honeywell Pro-Watch integration you will be increasing the security of your site! This integration is great for multi-tenant buildings as it allows controlled access to certain floors and office spaces right from the Sine dashboard! 


  • Improve your site’s security
  • Efficiently manage multiple access points
  • Unique QR codes for scan and access
  • A smooth and uninterrupted check-in process
  • Access control to specific building levels and office spaces