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Control compliance and see your contractor’s pre-qualifications, induction, licensing, insurances and performances.
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Keep workforce compliance up-to-date with Kineo

With the Sine + Kineo integration you can check your contractor's verification status, account validity and status of their course completion for any number of Kineo Units

A contractor attempting to check-in is sent the workflows required before the approval of an access request can be granted, and checked against the Kineo database. On a successful check-in, a notification is sent to the host at Site.

Sine Kineo Integration

The Sine + Kineo integration makes managing manned and unmanned site simple! Accept and reject all workflows and access requests from the Sine dashboard. No matter where you are!


  • Manage access requests for manned and unmanned sites
  • Keep your workforce compliance up-to-date in real-time
  • Easily set up required workflows

Sine account, enterprise only

Kineo CMS account

Team admin level account