New features in February | Feature Update

With 2018 now in full swing, Sine is releasing four new features; smart notifications, multiple selection, printed badge customisation and site list with integrations. Additionally, SAML SSO is now in beta for our enterprise clients.  Smart notifications are now available through the mobile app on both iOS and Android.  SinePoint Pro users are now able to check-in, check-out, dismiss, and even remove nearby notifications for sites they no longer visit, right [...]

5 key things to consider when designing your induction process

Induction processes are like starting your day off with a healthy breakfast - of absolute importance, but also something that many people either don't make the time for, or rush through with barely a thought. Unlike breakfast however, inductions are not just a 'nice to have' but a must have, and they must be done properly. A lack of due process and documentations, improper processes, and failing to verify information [...]

5 ways Sine can help your receptionist do what they do best.

We're just going to say it. Your receptionist is arguably one of the most important people in your office. Flexibility, resourcefulness, ability to adapt and work under pressure, as well as organisational and communication skills are just a few of the many expertise a receptionist must utilise every single day. Hardly surprising considering their roles in the office are numerous, ever changing, and often involve completing multiple tasks at the [...]

5 big issues to consider when managing commercial properties

Commercial property management has changed a great deal over time. Previously focused solely on basic building maintenance, the role has evolved into something far more multifaceted. Whilst priority is still given to reducing, removing or avoiding risk at the facilities being managed, other aspects of property management are now in high demand. Managers are now being asked to expand their roles by ensuring properties are up to date with the [...]

Is your business secure? Why maintaining visitor privacy matters

In March 2014 key reforms and amendments were made to the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth), namely around the Australian Privacy Principles (APP). It was estimated in the lead up to the reforms that 50% of Australian businesses would not be compliant following their implementation, generating a surge in the interest in, and discussions around, privacy. The proposed changes to the APP arose largely in response to the rapid development and [...]

How smart businesses are using a mobile app to control remote sites.

Whilst remote sites are essential to the operational capabilities of many businesses, running them can present a number of challenges. Maintaining personnel on site in order to facilitate the check-in and exit procedures of other staff and contractors, as well as having them present for other requests that might be made in order for the visitors to perform their roles, is one such challenge and is a cost that many [...]

Sine wins West Tech Fest Start-up Challenge!

Sine is proud to announce they are the winners of West Tech Fest Start-up Challenge! As first prize winners we will be moving on to pitch at the semi-finals of the Extreme Tech Challenge in Las Vegas. Our CEO, Antony Ceravolo, had this to say about the win West Tech Fest has been a fantastic conference to be a part of, and it's a real honour to be the winner [...]

Seven ways to automate your workplace and eliminate mundane tasks.

There are the tasks that make our jobs rewarding and exciting – the core of what we do; the reason for our heading into work every day; the ‘why’ behind our chosen career. But we also know that we have to take the bad along with the good and, when it comes to our day-to-day existence at work, this quite often comes in the form of the mundane and repetitive [...]

Three key strategies when implementing a Zero Harm workplace

Zero harm. The latest, and surprisingly controversial, movement in safety culture priorities for business. The basic concept of zero harm works around the ideology that every employee, contractor, and visitor who enters a work site should be able to rely upon an intact and safe working environment every single day. Sounds simple, yes? And yet, implementing safe work strategies that result in a zero harm environment have given rise to [...]

Five reasons you should employ an iPad receptionist.

The world has changed. A vast majority of our lives are now lived with the significant aid of technology. Sure, we suffer through the annoyance of the odd glitch now and then but, for the main part, our lives are vastly improved. As we continue into our tech-savvy futures, people are venturing well beyond merely accepting and feeling comfortable with technology. They are expecting it, wanting it and everything it [...]