5 top tips for running a successful construction site

We know that running a successful construction site is a multi-faceted operation. Managing the site and the people coming to and from it, ensuring the safety of everyone present, and keeping on top of everything from equipment to worker accreditations are just a few of the things our exisiting clients have highlighted as key areas of consideration - all of which hold equal importance to the safe and successful running [...]

Why Geo-Fencing is the Key to Contractor Management

Contractors, one of the biggest sectors of employment world-wide and covering everything from the person who fixes your home utilities to an entire work-site of specialists coming together on one or multiple projects. In general contractors have little in common, they work for a company only over an agreed time, and they travel from location to location, sometimes within the same job. The role of managing them can therefore be [...]

Are you ready for the GDPR? 5 steps you need to take beforehand

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed by the European Union (EU) in 2016. When it comes into force May 25th, 2018, it will be the largest change in digital data privacy ever made. The GDPR has been designed to protect the private information of customers throughout the EU and has global implications; any business operating with EU data - regardless of where they are located - must comply. [...]

How smart buildings are removing the stress of check-in

We live in an era where the average office building is no longer average at all. Constrictions on area size have resulted in buildings that grow upward, rather than outward, and the not unusual habit of one building housing several large corporations. Larger size equals increased traffic, larger grid requirements and increased environmental impact, not to mention the effects seen inside the building, with security concerns, productivity, and internal office [...]

How big businesses are staying in control of their distribution centres

The technology driven experience of buyers in today's market differs vastly from those we experienced in the past. While brick and mortar stores selling goods are far from going extinct, there has been a definite increase in buyers choosing to make their purchases online. E-commerce is continuing to experience a faster growth rate than traditional retail sales. As a result distribution centres have been growing in size and, due to [...]

7 questions you’ve been asking about digital visitor management systems, answered

You've decided a digital visitor management system is worth looking into for your business or worksite, but now you've realised just how many different options there are out there in the marketplace. How are you supposed to know which one will be best for you? How do you know what they do or don't do? How do you know each different system will handle unusual situations? Google know a lot, [...]

New features in February | Feature Update

With 2018 now in full swing, Sine is releasing four new features; smart notifications, multiple selection, printed badge customisation and site list with integrations. Additionally, SAML SSO is now in beta for our enterprise clients.  Smart notifications are now available through the mobile app on both iOS and Android.  SinePoint Pro users are now able to check-in, check-out, dismiss, and even remove nearby notifications for sites they no longer visit, right [...]

5 key things to consider when designing your induction process

Induction processes are like starting your day off with a healthy breakfast - of absolute importance, but also something that many people either don't make the time for, or rush through with barely a thought. Unlike breakfast however, inductions are not just a 'nice to have' but a must have, and they must be done properly. A lack of due process and documentations, improper processes, and failing to verify information [...]

5 ways Sine can help your receptionist do what they do best.

We're just going to say it. Your receptionist is arguably one of the most important people in your office. Flexibility, resourcefulness, ability to adapt and work under pressure, as well as organisational and communication skills are just a few of the many expertise a receptionist must utilise every single day. Hardly surprising considering their roles in the office are numerous, ever changing, and often involve completing multiple tasks at the [...]

5 big issues to consider when managing commercial properties

Commercial property management has changed a great deal over time. Previously focused solely on basic building maintenance, the role has evolved into something far more multifaceted. Whilst priority is still given to reducing, removing or avoiding risk at the facilities being managed, other aspects of property management are now in high demand. Managers are now being asked to expand their roles by ensuring properties are up to date with the [...]