Safely and securely manage your site with permits to work

With Sine Core and Sine Workflows working together, you can maintain powerful control over permits to work across one site or an entire portfolio of sites.


Submit workflow

Set up a workflow for the permit application to be completed by the contractors undertaking the work.
The contractor can set the start date, type of work, duration, and sites where the work will be undertaken.
Even ask the contractor to upload all necessary licenses and ancillary documents to support the permit to work.

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Set up a “Permits landing Page” and consolidate all your permits to work on one easy to find website. See example here

step 1
Permit to work
permit approved
step 2
Approve permit

When a permit to work is submitted by the contractor to the site team, they can then review and accept or reject the permit application based on the content submitted.
Once approved, your contractor will be notified of the decision and are then all set to enter the site to undertake the works.
Only approved contractors that have completed a permit to work will be permitted to check-in.


Now with a valid permit, your contractor is required to complete forms at check-in which are sent to the site team for approval to commence work.

Once approved by the site team, your contractor will again be notified by SMS, email or push notification and can begin work at site.

The contractor will be highly visible and tagged on the Sine activity feed, and site admins can monitor and SMS contractors to stay in close contact.

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Separate all your permits to work into stand-alone visitor types such as “Special Permits”

step 1
ipad approved
permit notifications
step 2

Once the work is completed, the contractor will then check out of the site and will be required to complete a set of check-out forms.

These check-out forms will ask the contractor to confirm if the works are completely finished or if the contractor will return to complete the works.

Close permit

The site team will receive the full payload of check-out forms for review. If the work is complete, they will be redirected back to Sine Workflows to close the original workflow and add any notes.

If the contractor has indicated that the work is not complete in the check-out forms, the site admin will not close the Sine Workflow.

step 5
Permit to work

Try Workflows for your workplace

Try Workflows for
your workplace

Workflows requires an upgrade to your Sine subscription to be activated

Workflows requires an upgrade to your Sine subscription to be activated