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Easy to use workforce compliance and visitor pre-screening

Add Sine Workflows to your existing Sine Core plan

Bespoke solutions, access control, ent. agreements and large rollouts
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Sine Workflows includes:

    Powerful Workflow templates to suit your situation

    Easy to use interface to create your own customised Workflows in minutes

    Seamless integration with Sine Core

    24-hour support

Workflows features

Every plan includes access to all of Workflow’s features

Use cases
Take control of your inductions, permits, access requests, training, and much more.
Setup & team
Use our templates or create your own workflows with multiple members to collaborate with.
User distribution
Customisable, secure, and instant setup with SinePoint Pro iPad app and all the features.
Content types
Incorporate multiple types of content such as images, video, PDF’s, and rich text.
Configure your approval settings, control validity periods, and preset specific sites and visitors.
Field types
Adjust response fields to allow for mandatory or multiple choice options, and document upload.
Have your respondents upload various types of documents such as licenses or permits.
Operate from a variety of devices like computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Integrate and configure by visitor type or site, and have workflows completed on check-in/out.
Trusted by thousands of global companies

Frequently asked questions

How do your Sine Workflows plans work?

Sine Workflows is an add-on to your Sine Core plan. You will need to choose a Workflows add-on to suit your current Sine Core plan. If you add Workflows you may require a larger Sine Core plan if your usage increases on Sine Core. You can have as many Workflows as you require on your Workflows account. Fair usage for Workflows is representative of the following Response volumes per Workflows Plan across your Sine Team: Small, 1500 Responses per year; Medium, 3000 Responses per year; Large, 9000 Responses per year. In the event that you exceed these Workflow Response fair usage volumes in a 12 month period, we may contact you to upgrade your Sine Core and/or Workflows plans to a higher plan type.

How does your Enterprise plan work?

If your business or organisation is checking over 150 visitors a day or you have a large number of sites, then an Enterprise plan may be best suited for you. Contact us to discuss usage and plans. We can provide a full service offering: account set up, training, hardware and dedicated support. These plans are ideal for short term events too when you are registering high volumes of guests or members.

How secure is Sine?

Sine takes security very seriously. We encrypt all communications between your mobile devices and our servers. Sine is hosted on Amazon AWS – proven secure platforms. Visit our security overview.

What is Sine’s privacy policy?

You can review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on our website. Sine complies with GDPR requirements.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. If you’re looking for an alternate payment method or invoices, please contact us.