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Strengthen your access control and protect your asset with Honeywell Forge and Sine

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Honeywell tech pack
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Thousands of companies around the world use Sine
Coming in Q3

Automate your access control with Pro-Watch

The Sine + Pro-Watch integration enables you to put your access control on auto-pilot. Allow occupants to see site’s in the Sine Pro mobile app and request credentials, and manage all access requests from the Pro-Watch dashboard.

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Tenant experience and
better visitor management

Automate your visitor management and create the ideal tenant experience

Contactless front desk
check-in for your visitors

scan track code

Fast Track code scan
When a visitor arrives, they scan their Fast Track QR code from their mobile invite to check-in on the iPad.

Identify visitor type
Your visitor’s photo ID is captured and visitor badges are printed to ensure clear identification.

Instant host notifications
Hosts are notified when check-in is complete and your visitor is now ready to be greeted.

scan track code

Use the mobile app to check in from site posters

All visitors can scan a QR code from a site poster placed at the facility to check in and out from using the Sine Pro mobile app. An iPad is not required and site managers will be alerted each time a visitor arrives at a site.


Read and make notes on
your visitor’s temperature

With the use of a temperature gun, you can measure a visitor’s temperature and record readings in the notes of a pass. Visitors with temperatures of 37.5 or over should be advised to stay at home.

COVID-19 temperature
Prescreening workflows
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Prescreen visitors with COVID-19 questions

Use Sine Workflows to prescreen your visitors before they check in by preregistering their details and sending them an email invite. 

Gain key COVID-19 information from your visitors with check-in information and QR code to scan on arrival. Put access requests in a ‘pending’ state and approve or reject on a case-by-case basis or automatically.

Enhanced occupier security

Enhanced occupier security

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Flag when a watchlisted visitor has checked-in and notify an approved staff watcher of the visitors arrival.

Photo ID icon

Photo ID capture

Capture your visitor’s photo ID via the Sine Point Pro iPad app to ensure clear identification at your site.

Photo ID icon

Face Check

Add facial recognition details to make check-out and subsequent check-ins faster and more secure.

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Industrial grade contractor and worker management

Reduce worker induction time and cost

Let Sine power all national and site inductions via the mobile web app. Video inductions and questionnaires can be completed any time via a weblink prior to arriving on site.

Simple document and license upload

Quickly respond to submissions and accept or reject with a message. Review all submissions and analyse document attachments from the Sine dashboard.

Complete inspections and incident reporting

Place QR codes at site and ask contractors to report and upload all details regarding defects, incidents, and inspections via the Sine Pro mobile app. Enable contractors to confirm they have returned all assets and complete exit instructions.

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Dedicated Account Manager

Sine quote form

Dedicated Account Manager

Our team ensures that every Enterprise customer is well looked after and will arrange a quote based on the number of locations you are considering to deploy Sine to and the average check-ins per day at each Site. Our plans include all the features you require and we don’t feature gate.

Personalised onboarding

We will take care of all your set up requirements from logos and artwork for your SinePoint iPad app, through to host uploads, Active Directory set-up and on boarding your team. Sine will include device management for your iPads and take care of all iPad updates so you won’t need to use Apple ID’s.

Personalised onboarding

Ipad enterprise clients

Sine guides

Browse through our guides for valuable information on how our products and services can assist with your business.

Sine quick overview cover
A useful quick overview of how Sine can benefit your company

Get started with Sine and learn how to check in visitors, contractors, staff, and couriers with this easy to use software. Learn everything about the powerful web dashboard, and the iPad and mobile apps. Discover many great features to help your business like badge printing, facial recognition, auto reporting, and more.

the ultimate guide to contractor management
Contractor management

Solutions to unlock operational efficiencies and improve safety

discover workflows guide
All about Workflows

An integrated and robust contractor management system

sine hardware guide
Sine hardware

Learn about Sine hardware and what you need to get started

sine covid-19 toolkit
COVID-19 Pack

Sine COVID-19 Toolkit


Health and safety blog posts

Read our latest blog posts with the latest features and tips on how to better protect your workplace, people and visitors.

COVID-19 visitor management features
New Sine features to help with COVID-19

Here’s the new features from Sine that help companies protect against COVID-19.

Coronavirus toolkit from Sine
Sine | COVID-19 Toolkit

Sine has complied a toolkit which runs through five things that companies can do today to keep their workplace healthy, and control any threats that may pose a risk.

Sine Safe
Sine Safe for Returning to Work

In line with our ongoing mission and commitment to our customers and to aid businesses in their safe return to work, we have released Sine Safe.

Contactless check-in
Contactless check-in with Sine

Instantly check in visitors at your front desk on the iPad. Print badges, capture photo ID, and have agreements signed.

Contactless inductions for contractors
Contactless Inductions for Contractors with Sine’s Mobile App

Contactless inductions can help you cut costs and streamline your workplace security. Read more here!

Contactless check-in with QR codes
4 Steps to Prevent COVID-19 in your Workplace Using QR Codes

Helping to flatten the curve means that companies need to put the proper processes like QR codes in place to keep their workplaces and people safe from COVID-19.

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