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Streamlined mobile solution

Simple, automatic check-in using virtual perimeter so contractors can check in and out of your site with ease.
All your contractors, staff and drivers can check in and out on arrival and departure using the Sine Pro mobile app or an iPad at site.

Save time and money with automated, digital inductions

Sine’s flexible visitor types allow for quick check in and out for all your staff and guests.
Check in all the different types of people coming to your construction site and trigger different entry workflows based on the entry type.

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Check in all types of visitors

Sine’s flexible visitor types allow for quick check in and out for all your staff and guests.
Choose from multiple visitor types or create your own custom labels. Each visitor type can trigger a different entry process within that specific site or zone.

Trusted by thousands of logistic companies around the world
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“Sine has been a quick and cost-effective replacement for our sign-in books, everyone’s been very impressed with the ease of use. We’re already planning to roll out Sine to our other sites.”


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Up to date compliance

Display non-disclosure agreements, fire evacuation diagrams, health and safety processes for visitors to confirm.

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Know your visitors

Always know who’s on campus and spot unauthorised visitors with our real time dashboard and custom badges.

Track activity from the dashboard
Run reports & analytics

Track people flows at multiple sites and run reports on who’s visiting, why they visited, and they left.

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Take out the heavy lifting from your site processes

Ensure only approved contractors or visitors enter your site after completing the relevant workflow. Ideal for creating inductions, permits, SWMS, access requests, and inspections.
Set up single or multiple workflows for your sites, and have workflows completed before, during, and after checking in to a site.

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the ultimate guide to contractor management

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For more information on everything you need to know about contractor management, download our free guide for solutions on unlocking operational efficiency and improving safety at your facility.


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See how Sine can enhance safety, security and compliance for your visitors, contractors & staff.

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