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Sine Stories

Stories, reviews and testimonials from our clients

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Reymond from Goodman Ltd

“Implementing Sine was one of the best decisions that our company made”

Sine has enabled us as a business to have greater visibility on our workforce. We have hundreds of contractors and property agents, providing services to 200+ large industrial and commercial properties across Australia. Prior to Sine, all of these contractors would need to complete paper forms – imagine collating the information on these paper forms and the inefficiencies caused. Sine eliminates all of this by digitizing the forms and at the same time, the powerful notification system of Sine Pro gives our facility managers real-time visibility on contractors/agents working on-site. In the event of an emergency, our facility managers can rely on Sine’s messaging system to ensure alerts can be broadcasted to all contractors on-site, to ensure all personnels are notified and accounted for. Whilst the system is already great, the team at Sine is even better. The adoption of Sine is literally trouble-free thanks to a great support from the Sine team.

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Samantha from Stockland

“Professional and easy to use”

Great software and easy to use. The visitor facing system is professional, intuitive and provides a very easy and seamless visitor log-in experience. The back admin side captures the necessary information without getting bogged down in too much detail. Overall, we are very happy with this software and the customer support provided by Sine.

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Clytie from Programmed Facility Management

“Sine helped make our reception area clutter free”

The installation of the Sine sign in system in our reception area has allowed us to remove a manual sign in book and phone in our reception area. This is a very easy to use system and has assisted in streamlining our reception process.


Stephen from St Andrews Lutheran College

Exceeded our expectations.

This solution has moved us from the ice age (carbon copy sign in sheets) to something that is flexible, future proof, and simple to use. Parents of the College love it (so do we), our compliance levels have increased, we know who is on site at all times, who they are here to see, and when they leave. The developers are always looking to ensure that the system meets our needs. Great concept, excellent application.

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Sonja from That Space Coworking

“Sine has replaced our complicated welcome/check in system with forward-thinking technology”

With a growing membership base and multiple visitors to our studio each day, Sine has brought simplicity and ease to our business. As a non-tech savvy community manager I felt apprehensive in the early stages of implementing the Sine program to our business but I have been impressed with the excellence the customer service team have shown from installation through to day to day running. The technology is ahead of the game and reflects positively on my business, yet incredibly affordable. We couldn’t be more satisfied.


Alison from Brookfield GIS

The software is nothing short of amazing. It is very user friendly and intuitive, I love using it!

The Sine software is a great visitor management system. It has a lot of features that can make front of house operations run efficiently. It is a great tool to track and manage what is happening at the front desk and there are many reports that can be done to provide important insights into operations. I get a lot of positive commentary from visitors when they are signing in and they say that it is one of the better systems that they have ever used. I find that the customer service has exceeded all of my expectations. Antony, Michael and Fiona work tirelessly to troubleshoot with me in the rare event I have an issue. Being able to use Sine has made my job significantly easier and I am able to provide more efficient service to my guests. I don’t know how I survived without Sine but now that I have it, I could never be without it. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who wants to have a unique, amazing and practical front desk operation.

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Andrew from Barden Group

“The best ‘Sine’ in solution”

Before I signed up for Sine, I tried about 10 different products on the market. They were too simple, too clunky or just didn’t work. When I discovered Sine, I didn’t just discover a solution that was right for our business – we established a relationship with Sine. Sine has provided us with flexible software to manage our visitors and contractors from a convenient and cost effective cloud based application. Management have the ability to view history of check in and check out history. We love that Sine can also provide all hardware and label supplies from their store. The Sine staff are very supportive and are always releasing new features. If you aren’t using Sine, I encourage you to check them out. You won’t be disappointed.


Howard from Adelaide Airport

User Experience

Early use of this product was met with some scepticism and negativity from both internal and external parties, but after exposure to use of this product now all I receive is positive feedback. Ease of use thanks to NFC sign in capability means we can be made aware of contractors onsite wherever we are and at any time. The adaptability of the product and the ability to mould the product to what we want and align with our company needs.

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Chris Lee-Scott from 1 O’Connell St

SINE leading the way.

Great software and easy to use. The back admin captures the necessary information and provides good communication between contractors and building management. Two levels of access would be good, one that can observe activity/ sign in and one with full access for reporting etc. Overall, we are very happy with this software and the customer support provided by Sine.

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Operations Managers from JLL

“Awesome, convenient and quick.”

The Sine software is a great tool from covering off HSE requirements to an accounts perspective for contractor invoices. Sine removes the majority of hard copy paperwork and allows quick access to reports etc. Managing remote sites is now easier than ever.


Sean from City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters

Excellent Customer Service.

A great system which allows clear oversight of our visitors and contractors. Having introduced Sine into our work place it feels that we have finally leapt into the 21st century. A solid platform with excellent customer service!