SinePoint Pro set-up

    SinePoint Pro for iPad.

    Below are a further set of videos to assist you with your SinePoint Pro iPad App. From downloading the SinePoint Pro iPad App, printer setup, checking in your first visitor, printing a badge & using public kiosk mode, these videos have got you covered.

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    1. Download SinePoint Pro for iPad

    Just download SinePoint Pro for iPad from the Apple App Store for free and get started straight away. Remember to create a free Apple ID to download the App first. The sync SinePoint Pro to your Sine Web Admin account.

    • SinePoint Pro for iPad is free App
    • Create an Apple ID to download it
    • You can create an Apple ID without a credit card by following this link
    • Sync SinePoint Pro to your Sine Web account

    2. Connect a printer

    This video will show you how to connect a badge printer directly to your iPad. Remember your iPad and printer MUST be on the same Wi-Fi network to connect. Need a printer?  Then visit our Sine Store & FAQ’s for more information. Colour printing available too…

    • Your iPad and printer must be on the same Wi-Fi network
    • Tap the settings icon on the lower right hand side of the SinePoint Pro iPad App to access the Admin panel (enter your password)
    • Select Printing from the settings menu and select the printer
    • Tap the back arrow to return to your home screen

    3. Time for your first check-in

    Now SinePoint Pro is set up and synced with your Sine Web Admin account, your printer is connected to your SinePoint Pro App, it’s time to get on with it! This video shows your first check-in.

    • Check-in your self
    • Test that your “Forms” in Sine Web are working correctly
    • Send a Host notification

    4. Lock down your SinePoint App

    You have tested your SinePoint Pro iPad App and all is working perfectly. You have made changes via Sine Web to customise your SinePoint App. Now it’s time to go public! Lock down your SinePoint App into a “kiosk” mode.

    • Lock the SinePoint App down in “kiosk” mode
    • Engage “Guided Access” mode
    • Set and Pin and ensure the iPad App cannot be closed

    5. Connection errors?

    Is your SinePoint Pro device showing a connectivity error? This video shows you how to check your Wi-Fi connection, close the SinePoint App and get you back up and running.

    • Check your Wi-Fi or cellular connection
    • Close your SinePoint Pro App – double click the home button and swipe up
    • Re-open your SinePoint Pro App

    And that’s a quick look at getting started with SinePoint Pro for iPad.

    If you need any help, please live chat with us right from this site (lower right hand side button) for online support. We are here to help.