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Site set up guide

Sine is super simple to set up and use. 30 day free trial for sites and completely free for visitors and contractors.

4 steps to getting started with Sine

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Claim your account at

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Watch our quick start guides

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Hardware and installation instructions

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Get started with your first check-in

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Step 1: Claim your account.

icon 1 smallClaim your account at

If your account has already been set up by the Sine team, just login to your dashboard, reset your password and go to Step 2. Otherwise, just create your Site Admin account.

icon 2 smallConfirm invoicing details are correct.

Go to Teams and Billing > Billing and ensure your billing details are all correct. Please email [email protected] with any PO numbers or additional billing details.

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Step 2: Watch our quick start guides

icon 1 smallWatch the videos

Watch our quick start guides here

icon 2 small Visit our instant help guides

If you have further questions, feel free to visit our 24/7 help centre here.

icon 3 small Need more Support?

Live chat with us right from your Sine Web dashboard, See the chat button below in the lower left hand side of the Sine web dashboard.

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Step 3: Hardware and Installation

icon 1 smallCheck Supplied Equipment:

Please check all hardware you have been supplied with as per your order.

icon 2 smallArrange Physical Installation

You will need to arrange the physical installation of the wall bracket – Download Installation Guide.

icon 3 smallEnsure iPad Connectivity

Please ensure your iPad can receive a 4G connection in your intended location prior to installation.

icon 4 smallPrint QR Poster

Please print your site’s QR poster and place it on any walls your wish contractors to sign into and out of using the Sine Pro mobile Apps.

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Step 4: Get Started

icon 1 smallLogin to Sine Web

Login to your web dashboard at

icon 2 smallSync your iPad

Sync your SinePoint Pro iPad App to your account (enter your email and password set for the web dashboard)

icon 3 smallInvite your visitors and contractors

Invite visitors and contractors to start using Sine Pro for mobile on Android & iPhone. Send them this link explaining the mobile app.

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What is Sine?

Sine is a visitor & contractor management system to help you save time and go paperless. Visitors and contractors can check-in via an iPad located at your site, a web dashboard your team operate or via the Sine mobile App for Android & iPhone. Your Sine web account allows you & your site management team to view all activity at site, run reports and send messages to all contractors from a web dashboard. Sine is easy to set up and use. This guide will help you get started straight away and have you set up in minutes.

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