Visitor management for the workplace

Visitor management helps enhance safety and security at your workplace. 

See how Sine goes beyond the traditional sign-in sheet to create a frictionless check-in journey for your visitors.

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What is visitor management?

Visitor management is any process implemented by companies to manage workplace people flows. This often includes managing how visitors, contractors, and staff check in to a workplace.

Visitor management can also extend to how companies make a safer and more secure workplace by implementing printed badges, document signing, tracking unmanned workplaces, and much more.

Why visitor management?

Visitor management systems are platforms that enable companies to implement stronger people flow processes. Many companies across the globe are moving away from paper check-in processes as their need for improved safety and security in the workplace increases.

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Make check-in a breeze with Sine’s visitor management app

Take your visitor management system to the next level with Sine’s mobile app for a smooth check-in journey for all visitor types. Sine also sets up a virtual perimeter around your workplace for so returning visitors can be automatically checked in.

Find out how you can use virtual perimeters for visitor management:

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Visitor management dashboard

Automated dashboards and reporting for your visitor management

Track and report on all active visitors at one site or a portfolio of sites, and generate reports by company name, purpose of visit or any search criteria you set, and share them with your colleagues or suppliers.
Sine automatically highlights contractors that have been rejected by compliance systems, and auto expired contractors that have not checked out.

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Check in every type of visitor

Easily pinpoint who is entering your site by assigning a ‘visitor type’ to every guest. Customize check-in forms and requirements to suit your operational needs.

Gain a better understanding of those guests checking into your site. There are as many as 15 unique visitor types that can be added to a site.

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Benefits of visitor management system

electronic visitor management system
Streamlined sign in

Replace paper sign in sheets with more secured, streamlined processes.

office check-in system
Workplace management

Monitor and manage workplace people flows and keep track of the types of visitors entering your buildings.

visitor management features
Time and attendance

Monitor time and attendance with ease and upkeep a positive customer experience.

guest management system
ID visitor badges

Easily identify guests with digital and printable ID visitor badges.

enterprise visitor management system
Multiple sites and locations

Flexible management of multiple sites and locations.

visitor management tools

Ensures compliance through the display of non-disclosure agreements, fire evacuation diagrams, and other documents.

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Customer stories

See how Sine’s visitor management system has helped companies across the globe.

Sydney Cricket Ground

Helping put Sydney Cricket Ground ahead of the game with simple and easy to use solutions for multiple guests.

NSW Government Rail Sector

Thousands of contractors for construction projects checked in with digital site inductions for NSW Government.

The Royal Children’s Hospital

Sine was able to screen and prescreen all visitors, staff and other visitor types to capture critical COVID-19.

Visitor management blog posts

As the ever-growing complexity of the modern workspace has led to many businesses look for more modern solutions such as Sine, discover the latest blog posts in visitor management to help transform your check-in process.

What is visitor management and why it matters

Visitor management helps organisations manage and track people visiting their workplace.

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Visitor management guides

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Integrations to take your visitor management system to the next level

Integrate all your tools with Sine for an efficient running workplace. From access control to external watchlists, Sine helps connect your tools and automate your processes to eradicate manual data entry and minimise repetitive tasks. Use Sine’s out-of-the-box webhook to get started or leverage Sine’s native integrations.

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Manage your workplace with Sine

See how Sine can enhance safety, security and compliance for your visitors, contractors & staff.