Visitor management for Honeywell Staff

What is Sine?

Sine is a powerful visitor management solution—simplifying and digitising the process of inviting and checking in visitors at Honeywell offices across the globe.

How to get Host status at your site

To invite visitors you will need to be added as a host at your site.

This will be done automatically over the coming weeks as part of the Honeywell Sine rollout at your site. When your host status is granted, you will receive an email prompting you to confirm your host status.

Follow the link in the email, and login using your Honeywell credentials—these will connect through the single-sign-on system.

How to invite visitors to your site


Outlook or calendar integration

Creating an invite in Outlook, Teams or your calendar?

Simply add [email protected] to your meeting invitees, along with other recipients.


Confirm your invites

You will receive an email from [email protected] asking you to confirm your meeting. (If you do not receive this email, please check your spam/junk email folder.)


Fast Track Codes

Once confirmed, your guests will receive an email invitation which they can save to their calendar; as well as a unique Fast Track Code to speed up their check-in process upon arrival.

Your visitor experience with Honeywell Sine