There are a number of clear benefits to your business for using digital visitor sign-in software at your front desk. Here are our top five:

1. Ensure the safety of your visitors

You have a duty of care to any visitors to your premises. You must ensure that they are safe and that they are aware of any safety procedures relevant to their time on your premises. Sine’s digital visitor sign-in system enables you to achieve this quickly and easily by customising your sign-in process to include the safety information that your visitors need to know. This could include emergency evacuation meeting points, exiting procedures, safety alerts and any other information relevant to their personal safety whilst on your premises.

2. Notify the visitor’s host immediately of their arrival

Whenever a visitor signs in, the person they have arrived to see will receive a notification. The host can receive this notification as an email, SMS or as an alert via the Sine smart phone app. This feature ensures that your guests are not kept waiting any longer than necessary and frees your reception staff from locating and notifying the host themselves, allowing them to carry on with the many other tasks they perform each day to enrich your front-of-house area.

3. Easily keep track of and communicate with all visitors

Having easy access to data and reporting regarding your visitors can be of great benefit. How many visitors do you have on premises right now, in real-time? Is there a time of day or a day of the week on which you have higher numbers of visitors? Do you have sufficient staffing and facilities available at these times in order to make each visitor’s experience professional and seamless? Do you need to ensure greater distribution of visitors over the day to improve the experiences of your guests?

Do you have the ability to communicate with your visitors immediately at the push of a button if necessary? Can you send them an email, SMS or in-app notification to alert them or make them aware of something important if required?

Sine provides you with all of these tracking, reporting and communication abilities. Reports are generated promptly in easy-to-read formats so that you can obtain the information you need to make decisions that can improve the experience your guests receive whenever they visit your place of business. Notifications, emails or alerts can be sent out at a moment’s notice, ensuring you are always able to communicate swiftly with your guests if ever required.

4. Remember past visitors and make their sign-in process faster

If you have regular guests and visitors, Sine can make the sign-in process much faster and more efficient for them. Repeat visitors who have already signed in on a previous occasion have the ability to sign in using the Sine app on their smart-phone. Sine will remember their details (stored securely of course) and will assist in making their repeat visits as easy and efficient as possible by streamlining their arrival on each consecutive visit.

5. Cut down on paperwork

Non-disclosure agreements and other such paperwork that may be required by your business to be signed prior to a visitor being granted entry to your premises can be included in the Sine sign-in procedure. This eliminates the need for printed agreements and other such paperwork to be kept at the front desk, saving both time and resources.

Once signed electronically using Sine’s digital visitor management software, the document is stored securely without anyone having to lift a finger or spend time on the process. The document is then easily retrievable in soft-copy much faster than any paper-based document could ever be.

— — — — —

Professional and easy to use, Sine’s digital visitor management software is a fully customisable system that can improve the feel and the efficiency of your front of house for both one-off and regular visitors. By providing you with the means to increase visitor safety, automatically notify a visitor’s host of their arrival, track and communicate with your visitors, streamline your regular visitor’s sign-in process and cut down on the paperwork involved in signing in your visitors, Sine can add significant value and efficiencies to your place of business.