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Powerful integrations

Extend the Sine experience with plugins connecting to various services.

Integration Cloud

Active Directory

Sync your Active Directory with Sine’s host list and keep your host's data up-to-date automatically.


Deliver inductions and safety training with the Sine + Altora integration.

Aruba ClearPass

Integrate Sine with Aruba ClearPass and provide your visitors with Wi-Fi access when they check-in at your facilities.


Perform automatic live checks at check-in to ensure you are working with safe, qualified, and responsible contractors.


Cross-check your contractor information from Sine with prequalification and induction data from the Cm3 Online Contractor Safety Management & Prequalification system

Descartes MK Denial

MK Denial allows you to instantly screen all visitors and create watchlists upon check-in to avoid the entry of unwanted personnel.


Swap out the registration sheet with an all-in-one kiosk and go completely paperless at your events using QR codes.


Give your site an extra layer of extra security with state-of-the-art secure site and risk management, control, and access.

Honeywell EBI

Automate your site access provisioning with Honeywell EBI. Providing a streamlined access integration for staff, contractors and visitors.

Honeywell Pro-Watch

Manage multiple access points and automatically provision access credentials prior to arriving on site so people can to check-in.

Inner Range

Integrated site security, access control and building automation with Inner Range's Integriti access control.


Automatically assign individually purposed key sets to verified contractors with our key cabinet management solutions.


Control compliance and see your contractor’s pre-qualifications, induction, licensing, insurances and performances.

Microsoft Outlook

Create and sync Sine invitations directly within Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Teams

Streamline communications, with direct message notifications every time a visitor checks in.


Geofence your construction site and monitor workforce data in real-time to save time, track productivity, and stay on budget.

Sine Workflows

Take the hassle out of chasing qualifications and keep your workforce compliance up to date.

SSO Icon

Single Sign On (SSO)

Experience streamlined access to your workspace with the Sine Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration.


Receive direct messages every time a visitor checks in. Create a platform in your company and be connected on the go.


Automatically assign individually purposed key sets to verified contractors with our key cabinet management solutions.


Send check in/out events to your own systems, like induction platforms, keybox systems, access control and more.

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