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Give your site an extra layer of extra security with state-of-the-art secure site and risk management, control, and access.
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Advanced site security with Gallagher access control

Gallagher is a global tech supplier of integrated site access control and protection. With the Sine Core + Gallagher integration, you'll be adding another layer of security to your site. Visitors will be issued a personalized QR code through your choice of notification, which they can then scan at the Gallagher scanners to then be granted access to the site. The QR code will then be automatically deactivated after the specified time that you choose or upon check out.

This integration is great for businesses of all sizes that put a large importance on site security, especially multi-tenant buildings, as it allows controlled access to certain floors and office spaces right from the Sine Core dashboard. Putting access control first is where it all starts.

Sine Core + Gallagher features

Sine check-in badge

Unique QR code

When a visitor checks-in, they will receive a text message with a link on it for a unique temporary QR code that is also printed on their badge.

scan qr code icon

Scan to have access

When the visitor presents the phone or printable QR code to approved access gates, they are granted access. On their way out, they present the badge at the exit access gate and will be automatically checked out and the QR code deactivated.

invitations icon

Easy pre-registration

Invite guests with our seamless calendar integration with Outlook and Google Calendar. Create group invites via the web Sine Core dashboard.

notification icon

Host notifications

When a visitor checks in at site, hosts can receive an instant alert via SMS, email, and the Sine Pro app prompting them to approve the visitor. Once approved, a badge will be printed. Reception can also activate the printing of badges from the web dashboard if required.

barrier gate icon

Access gate speedstiles

The visitor approaches the speedstile and presents their phone or printable QR code to the speedstile. The speedstile then opens and the visitor enters or exits the building.


  • Improve your site's security
  • Efficiently manage multiple access points
  • Unique QR codes for scan and access
  • A smooth and uninterrupted check-in process
  • Access control to specific building levels and office spaces

The Sine Core + Gallagher integration may require additional hardware and incur additional costs.

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Sine Core large or enterprise plan

Sine core site admin or above access

Gallagher account

Gallagher Command Centre instance

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