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Instant QR for unexpected visitors

Welcome unexpected visitors and keep your workplace COVID-safe with Instant QR
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Contactless check-in for all visitors

Instant QR ensures you are able to provide a contactless check-in solution for everyone who visits your site. This helps you protect your staff and workplace, while also ensuring quick site access and comprehensive contact tracing data should the need arise.

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How does Instant QR work?

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What are the advantages of Instant QR?

Remove the risk of QR spoofing

Instant QR removes this risk, by allowing users to generate their own QR code that is then scanned to check them into a site.

Ensure QR check-ins are done onsite

Instant QR can only be scanned using an iPad running SinePoint Pro, so every check-in is verified for proximity to your site.

Ensure safety and compliance

Instant QR has been built to prevent vulnerabilities and ensure your check-in process is secure, accurate and compliant with privacy laws.


How to get started with Instant QR

Generate your Instant QR code 
To generate an Instant QR, visitors can go to and enter in their details. After clicking Get my QR code, a unique QR code is generated on the users mobile device. 
Check-in with SinePoint Pro 
 The user then presents their Instant QR to the iPad running SinePoint Pro and they are checked into your site. It’s as simple as that!

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