Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Buildings Contractor Management

Contractor management software

Digitize and automate contractor management processes with Visitor and Contractor Management software. 

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Digitize contractor management and compliance processes

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Making contractor management easier

Managing contractor compliance at one or multiple sites is no easy task. Honeywell Forge Visitor and Contractor Management digitizes and automates time-consuming, manual and oftentimes disconnected process, giving you more time to focus on the rest of your to-do list without compromising workplace health and safety. 

We help 1000s of companies worldwide manage contractor compliance

From contractor prequalification to digitizing safety permits, our software helps businesses of all sizes strengthen contractor compliance management.
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Improve operational efficiency

Digitize and automate contractor compliance processes

Keep track of compliance with Honeywell Forge's Contractor Management platform. Collect important documentation like permits to work prior to work commencing. Reject non-compliant contractors from the dashboard and see in-depth job site reporting.

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Contractor Inductions


Induct and onboard contractors - anytime, anywhere

No need to schedule weekly inductions.

Have your contractors inducted, approved and ready to work before they even arrive on site.

Sine Workflows enables digital inductions with video, PDFs, multiple choice, and more. Share policies, procedures and enforce acknowledgment to ensure everyone on site is safe and compliant 

Manage contractor safety risk

Collect contractor licenses and digitize safety permits

Have a contractor’s licenses and permits to work submitted prior to work so you’re not chasing them up with streamlined document uploads.

Working with Children Checks

Working at Heights certificates

 Safe Work Method Statements

permits to work
Workflows Inspection

Incident reporting

Quick and easy incident reporting and inspections

Generate forms like checklists for a specific location and allow your team or contractors to complete inspections via their mobile phones.

Ask your contractors to confirm if they have returned keys or file incident reports when something goes wrong, and view exit instructions related to your site.


Easily implement compliance regulations

Reject non-compliant contractors from entering site automatically or manually

Streamline permit collection and get contractors working faster

Tailored contractor management solutions for your organization

With a robust contractor management system, you can get a birds-eye-view of your operations.

Digitize manual contractor compliance processes with the Sine Workflows form builder

Pick from pre-made templates

Workflows comes pre-loaded with popular templates.

Easily create custom workflows

Using the form builder, it's simple to create a workflow to suit your needs.

Automate approvals and rejections

Use conditional flows to automatically accept, reject, or require manual observation depending on a users answers.
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manage contractors remotely

Monitor site operations from anywhere

Sine Pro’s verification process can help bring an extra layer of security to know who’s on site.

Be alerted when your contractor arrives, and choose to accept or reject, ideal if you operate a remote site. The Sine Pro mobile app can allow for a quick and easy check in process on the move.

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