Keep your
contractors safe

Manage the time and attendance of your contractors, and keep your work site safe and secure.

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Fast and simple QR code site check-in

A cost effective solution for remote sites means contractors can quickly scan a QR code placed at the facility to check in and out from on the mobile app.
Site managers will be alerted each time a contractor arrives at a remote site. Sine works with or without location-based services to provide a robust platform for tracking time and attendance.

Efficient processes

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Secure site geofencing
When a contractor arrives, a virtual perimeter enables them to check in and out of your site quickly from their mobile.

agreement forms

Display entry forms
Have your contractors view non-disclosure agreements, fire evacuation diagrams and health and safety forms.


Easy preregistration
Invite your contractors via email with details of their check-in to fast track their arrival so they can get to work quicker.

asset tracking

Asset tracking
Maintain full visibility and keep track of all your assets by adding QR codes to things like keys for your contractors to scan.


Fully customised

Easily manage
contractor inductions

Our team can set up a custom contractor management landing page with your company branding and content for your contractors to complete inductions and get started for work at your site.

Simply direct your contractors to the page for them to quickly complete their inductions online before entering.

Web induction
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Mobile app

Get notified and know
exactly who’s on site

Sine Pro’s unique verification process brings an extra layer of security to know who’s on site.
Be alerted when your contractor arrives, and choose to accept or reject, ideal if you operate a remote site.
The free Sine Pro mobile app allows for a quick and easy check in process on the move.

I don’t need to worry about my sites as I can check online who has attended and what time, it gives me all the information straight away.

ADDY | Assistant Operations Manager, JLL

Fast track check-in with safety information

Invites with detailed check-in information allow contractors to use their Fast Track code or scan a QR code to check in.
Your contractors’s photo ID is captured and visitor badges are printed to ensure clear identification.
Host are notified when check-in is complete and your contractor is now ready to be greeted.

email invite

Create checklists and incident reports

Generate forms like checklists for a specific location and allow your team or contractors to complete inspections via their mobile phone.
Ask your contractors to confirm if they have returned keys or file incident reports when something goes wrong, and view exit instructions related to your site.

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contractor management guide

Download the guide

Download the guide

For more information on everything you need to know about contractor management, download our free guide for solutions on unlocking operational efficiency and improving safety at your facility.


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Track, report and
spot red flags

Sine’s powerful web dashboard allows you to efficiently track and report on all active contractors at all your sites. It automatically highlights contractors that have been rejected by compliance systems, and those who have not checked out.
Generate reports by company, name, purpose of visit or any search criteria you set, share them with your colleagues or suppliers and have reports sent to your inbox daily.

Receive instant

Notify contractors in an instant in case of a drill or real emergency, and print or email live evacuation lists of all active contractors on site.
Receive notifications when your contractor arrives, and choose to accept or reject visitors or contractors, ideal if you operate a remote site.
Contractors can receive notifications asking them if they would like to check in and reminding them to check out.

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Strengthen your safety
and security

Contractors can opt-in to add their facial recognitions details when their photo is captured for the first time, to make check-out and subsequent check-ins faster and more secure.
Take care of the health and safety of your contractors with contactless QR code scan check-in on the iPad.

Try Sine Workflows

Create workflows like inductions, permits, SWMS, access requests, and inspections for full compliance and easy contractor management at your facility.

Manage your workplace with Sine

See how Sine can enhance safety, security and compliance for your visitors, contractors & staff.