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Provide a safer, more secure workplace for your staff without adding barriers to productivity.

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Visitor and Contractor Management offers streamlined solutions that can enable efficient employee management without compromising on convenience or security.

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We needed a robust, COVID-safe electronic visitor management system - Sine offered the best solution.



Really easy to use and manage. We use it for several locations across Australia and it pretty much does everything we need it to.



Power a more streamlined, productive workplace

Ditch sign-in books

Enabling a digitized and simplified check-in system through a variety of features

Boost productivity

Help employees get straight to work, without comprimising on compliance or visibility

Optimise visibility

Highlight key trends and information, which can be helpful for scaling and safeguarding your business

Automate staff check-in

Improve time reporting

Protect your employees

Simplify time and attendance, enhancing employee safety

With our robust contractor management system you can get a birds-eye-view of your operations.

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features / QR code check-in

Quick check-in with QR

Allow staff to scan a QR code from a site poster at your facility to check-in and out using the Sine Pro mobile app.

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geofence employee

features / geofence

Set and forget geofencing

Let your employees to get straight to work without needing to remember to check in and out. Set up a virtual perimeter to help staff automatically check in and out swiftly. Enhance visibility by receiving notifications when a staff member arrives, providing an accurate picture of who is on site.

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