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Visitor & Contractor Management

Check-in process
  • Web, mobile and iPad check-in
  • Contactless mobile check-in with QR codes and geofencing
  • Secure, app-less Instant QR check-in
  • Unlimited hosts at your site
  • Unlimited host messaging to all visitors
  • Unlimited iPads for multiple points at site
  • Unlimited data usage for all your sites
  • Customisable employee check-in/out
  • Capture visitor photo ID for added security
  • Access live evacuation lists in an instant
  • Allow couriers to notify hosts for easy deliveries
  • 24 hr real people global support
  • International language support
Visitor flows
  • Set custom visitor types for all visitors
  • Display relevant info in custom visitor forms
  • Capture visitor data with custom entry forms
  • Pre-fill selected form fields for returning users
  • Evacuation diagrams and safety entry forms
  • Exit forms and incident reports
  • Have legal agreements / NDAs signed
  • Export signed NDA’s and agreements
  • Special permit approvals
iPad app
* Additional charges may apply
Mobile app
  • Free mobile check-in for iPhone and Android
  • Location aware geofencing check-in
  • Check by scanning QR code from site posters
  • Modify notification settings from your lock screen
  • Make ID checks mandatory for site entry
  • Viewable visitor profile document upload
  • Custom host and visitor check-out messaging
  • Live time-on-site counter for time and attendance
Web dashboard
  • Host and front desk web check-in
  • View check-ins with live activity feed
  • Share daily powerful auto reporting
  • Overview of portfolio on account
  • Set permissions for team and collaborators
  • Add notes to each visitor entry
  • Host delegates to receive notifications
  • Host delegates to accept and reject visitors
  • Customise host delegate by visitor type
  • One password log in with Single sign on (Beta)
  • Record time-on-site for better time and attendance management
Badge printing
  • Instant visitor badge printing from the iPad
  • Pre-print badges for pre-registered visitors
  • Sine Pro mobile app badge printing
  • Web dashboard badge printing
  • Unlimited printers per site
  • Receive printer out of paper alerts
  • Print badges by visitor type
  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi printer connectivity
  • Invite visitors to your site
  • Advance notice calendar integration
  • Bulk invite CSV list upload
  • Set appointees to manage invites for a host
  • Fast track access with QR code invite
  • Set invitation required mode
  • Prescreen visitors with COVID-19 entry forms
  • Sync invites from Microsoft Outlook with the Sine for Outlook add-in
  • Sync employee directories with host lists
  • Inductions and HSE systems for compliance*
  • Guest Wi-Fi log in systems
  • Make your own integration with Webhooks
  • View active integrations allocated per site
  • Manage keys with key cabinet systems*
* Additional charges may apply

Compliance Management

Use cases
  • National Inductions
  • Site-specific inductions
  • Permits and access requests
  • Training and learning flows
  • Asset registers
  • Inspections
  • Accreditation Tracking
  • Job completion sign-off
  • Vaccination tracking
  • Health screening
Set up and team
  • Add multiple members to share and collaborate
  • Self serve right from your Sine account
  • Provided templates from our team
  • Set up and use multiple workflows from one view
  • Integrate workflow responses into your existing tech stack with webhooks
User distribution
  • Share a magic link workflow with all respondents
  • Invite respondents via email
  • Invite via CSV upload
  • Self-registration from shared workflow
  • Generate SMS or email to complete a workflow
  • Import a list and view completed workflows
  • Export responses to CSV
Content types
  • Videos
  • Multi-page PDFs
  • Images – JPEGs and PNGs
  • Rich Text
  • Forms
Configuration – approvals
  • Set your workflows to require approval
  • Team notifications of submissions
  • Approve or reject each response after review
  • Designate multiple approvers for workflows where required with ‘one of or all of must approve’ logic
  • Set forms with required fields and auto-approval
  • Flag responses for manual approval based on answers provided
  • Create conditional form content to show only relevant questions
  • Review and invalidate a response at anytime
  • Review responses directly from email notifications
  • Analyse document attachments in quick view mode
  • Appoint approvers to workflows across multiple sites
  • Prescreen with COVID-19 workflows
  • Approve or reject responses
  • Maintain a list of approved companies
  • Block access if individual or company documents expire
Configuration – dates
  • Control the set validity of your workflow responses
  • Set specific date periods for responses
  • Set up daily COVID-19 prescreening workflows for all sites
Configuration – sites
  • Let people select a site when submitting a response
  • Preset access to a specific site
  • Apply workflows to a specific visitor type
Field types
  • Allow for short and long text responses in forms
  • Allow people to answer questions with Yes or No
  • Mandatory or optional multiple-choice options
  • Request videos be viewed before submission
  • Request PDF’s be viewed before submission
  • Document upload with expiry date notifications
  • Allow date selection
  • Format fixed text in forms and documents
  • Request signatures from people on any device
  • Image and graphics upload in forms
  • Insurance forms
  • Certificates of qualifications
  • Licenses
  • Permits
  • SWMS
  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile
  • Configure by visitor type
  • Configure by site or for all sites
  • Have workflows completed on check-in/out
  • Surface access control credentials within the Sine Pro mobile app

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