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Manage visitors, contractors and staff with plans to fit your needs.

Basic features, included on all plans

Complete Check-in process

✓ Check-in your visitors, staff, and contractors 
Check-in via Mobile App, iPad Kiosk, Geofence, or manually through the Sine Dashboard.

✓ Print Visitor Badges with Photo ID
Visitors can instantly print their own badges upon arrival, or you can pre-print them.

✓ Pre-fill data for returning visitors
Have regular visitors? Have their information pre-filled to save time.

✓ Unlimited hosts, messaging, iPads, and Storage
Set up as many check-in displays as you need.

✓ Visitor and Host Notifications
Hosts are notified when a visitor has arrived to see them. Visitors and hosts can receive notifications via SMS, push notification, and email. 

Face-check for quicker ingress and egress
If enabled, return visitors can use their face identification to fill in details when checking in, and checking out.

Invite Visitors Ahead of Time
Send invites via the Sine Dashboard to pre-register visitors, making the check-in process even easier.

✓ Capture visitor photo 
Ability to capture a photo of your visitors for visitor badge identification and for future reference.

Live List of Everybody who is Checked In to Site
See live activity across multiple sites via the Sine Dashboard or Sine Pro App. Set permissions for your team to see select site activity or all sites.

✓ Courier/Delivery Notifications
Get notified when delivery drivers are on-site to pick up or drop off.

Report on visitor activity and export CSV data
Get insights into site check-ins and check-outs through reports in the Sine Dashboard. Export data as needed via CSV file.

✓ Multiple Language Support
SinePoint Pro for iPad supports over 30 languages.


Deep Customization

✓ Set custom visitor types
Enable different induction and check-in experiences and requirements based on the type of visitor on site.

✓ Brand the experience
Use your company logo and customize the wallpaper on the iPad Kiosk.

✓ Get NDAs or legal agreements signed
Ensure visitors fulfil conditions of entry and sign off on site rules during the check-in process.

✓ Insert evacuation diagrams or health screening questions
Help increase safety on-site by showing visitors important information and questions to determine if they can enter the site.

Full Suite of Software

iPad App, SinePoint Pro
Set up as many check-in displays as you need.

iPhone and Android App, Sine Pro
Great for both hosts and visitors. Contact-free check-in to site.

✓ Web Dashboard
The versatile Sine Web Dashboard manages every aspect of the software. Manage your team, send invites, create reports and remotely monitor site activity.

✓ Mobile-friendly Design
Visitors, contractors and staff can check in and out, or complete Workflows on their own device with a free Sine account.

Responsive Global Support

Real People, Real Support
Promptly reach a real person via chat on our website or in the Web Dashboard.

✓ Support Articles for Reference
Visit to see how our full support library.

Small, Medium, Large and Enterprise Plans

Small Plan

Includes basic features, plus:
✓ 750 check-ins/month

Medium Plan

Includes basic features, plus:
✓ 1500 check-ins/month
✓ Native Active Directory
✓ Native Outlook plugin

Large Plan

Includes basic features, plus:
✓ 4500 check-ins/month
✓ Native Active Directory
✓ Native Outlook plugin

Enterprise Plan

Our enterprise plans offer more flexibility and bespoke solutions. We recommend our enterprise plans for those with a large portfolio of sites, high check-in volume, and specific requirements.
Includes basic features, plus:

✓ Support for larger rollouts
✓ Native Active Directory
✓ Native Outlook plugin

Connects with your tools

Integrate with the software you already use.*



Small Plan

Medium Plan

Large Plan


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Small Plan

Medium Plan

Large Plan

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Small Plan

Medium Plan

Large Plan

*Additional products/charges may be required
x = Not included in plan
✔ = Included in plan

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