Create a platform for communication and receive direct messages when visitors check-in

With the Sine + Slack integration, you can receive direct messages every time a visitor checks in with the option to accept or reject. Create a platform for communication and be informed on the go.   

Notifications when visitors arrive

Sine will alert you through Slack with an instant, direct notification to your phone or your desktop when someone has arrived to see you.

Accept or reject pending passes

Sine and Slack integrate to provide you with detailed messages allowing you to easily organise your visitor check-ins. Once you have been notified of a visitor’s arrival, you can then accept or reject these pending passes using the Slack notification. Easily add Sine from the Slack apps menu and customise your message details within the Sine Web dashboard.


  • Be notified via instant notification when your visitors arrive
  • Accept or reject passes using the Slack notification
  • Keep your notifications on a platform you already use
  • Reduce the amount of time you keep visitors waiting