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Automatically assign individually purposed key sets to verified contractors with our key cabinet management solutions.
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Automatically assign individually purposed key sets for key access check-in

Sine now provides a seamless, integrated key management solution. Get secure access to electronic key cabinets like KeyWatcher on check-in.


Secure access lists made easy

Set up and maintain secure site lists for key access for one site, or a portfolio of sites, right from your Sine web dashboard. Lock down entry lists so only approved entrants can gain access to your key cabinet. Set access lists based on identity criteria and also time and location-based criteria. Share access set up with your team securely.

Keywatcher steps
Keywatcher steps
Keywatcher steps

Secure PIN access 

Using Sine Pro for iPhone and Android provides a secure platform to ensure only verified entrants are granted access to a key cabinet. Once they have verified their contact credentials, such as mobile and email, entrants that are invited to your Site on Sine will be able to check-in and gain the one-time-only secure PIN via SMS.

This two-factor authentication ensures access to the key cabinet at Site is only granted to predetermined, verified individuals that have been added to your site access lists. It also does away with the need to remember insecure pins as pins are generated on each access event.

secure pin
secure code

Key access from mobile or iPad apps

In addition to mobile access to the key cabinet via the Sine Pro mobile app, Sine can also arrange key cabinet integration with the SinePoint Pro iPad app. 

At less secure facilities, where users may not need to be verified to access keys, Sine can arrange key cabinet integration with the SinePoint Pro iPad app in addition to key cabinet access via the Sine Pro mobile app.

After being added to a secure access list for a particular Site, entrants seeking key access will need to check-in on Sine. Only after they are invited to access a Site or are approved to access a Site by the Site management team on check-in, will a secure one-time PIN be sent via SMS to their nominated mobile number. This ensures only invited or approved entrants are allowed access to your key cabinet. The SMS pin can then be entered on the keypad on your key cabinet to gain access. The same pin can be entered to return the key.

Secure, location-based check-in

If you have contractors that regularly return to your workplace, Sine allows you to streamline their check-in experience with geo-fencing. These regular visitors can check-in and out using the free Sine Pro mobile App for iPhone and Android. Place Sine Pro site posters, containing unique QR codes, near the key cabinet at each site for contractors to scan. Contractors must scan the local QR code and their location is checked in real-time against the geo-fence for an additional layer of security.

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  • Maintain secure asset lists from Sine's dashboard
  • QR code tracking for all your assets
  • Combine your asset tracking with your workplace management

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