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Robust compliance management

Let Sine handle your people flow compliance needs.

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Sine puts compliance first

Secure check-in software

Remove unsecure check-in books. Sine uses iPads for digital check-in. 

Check-in forms

Ensure that required documents are seen prior to check-in. Show emergency plans and capture critical information. 

Team notifications

Choose to approve or reject visitors and automatically notify the right person of their arrival. 

Compliant data collection

Set up your check-in process tailored to the information you need to capture. Include NDAs, email signatures, and questions.

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ccpa compliance

CCPA compliance with Sine

Sine has high privacy practices which comply with the CCPA. We don’t share, sell or disclose personal information outside of our relationship with our users. 

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Built with security in mind


Sine is a cloud-based software offering data privacy, central data backups and consistency of service.

Data security

Sine delivers high-quality software that is robust, scalable and secure.


Sine enforces encryption on all of your data at multiple different layers of our technology.

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Loaded with compliance features

ID Check for the US

Confirm identification of your visitors and contractors by scanning their US driver’s license when they arrive at your workplace.

Opt-in facial recognition

A face map can be created of visitors when they check-in.

Evacuation lists

Extract live lists of all active visitors on your site in an instant for emergencies.

workforce compliance

Looking to get your workforce compliance in order? 

Make workforce management a breeze with Sine Workflows.

 Whether you’re looking for better staff compliance or to present important documentation at check-in, Sine Workflows is the compliance management tool.

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Sine Workflows streamline compliance

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