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Take control of your security

With Sine’s ID Check you can extract the identity of your visitors by scanning their US driver’s license on arrival.
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ID Check with ipad

How ID Check works

When a visitor arrives at your facility they will be required to present a valid US driver’s license at the rear camera on the iPad to check in. The scanning device on the iPad will then scan the barcode on the ID and extract the visitor’s details.

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Scanning Stations

For an alternative option to rear camera scanning, Sine is utilizing the best-of-breed Scanning Stations which maximize the scanning speed and ease of use, allowing instant barcode scanning. ID license trays are included and provide easy positioning of the visitor’s ID. Contact Sine for Scanning Station hardware prices. Desk, wall and floor mount options are available and are all compatible with Sine’s range of printers.

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Expired license notifications

ID Check automatically detects an expired ID ensuring only current IDs are accepted at your facilities without manual intervention. For non-US IDs and passports, manual override is available which places the check-in attempt into a pending state, ready for review by your front desk.

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US Driver licences

When a US Driver’s License is scanned, only a person’s first and last name, and expiry are stored from the card. No images are kept. The information stored within a US Driver’s License barcode varies from state to state, and not all states include the card holder’s first and last name.

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Know your visitors

Always know who’s on-site and spot unauthorized visitors with Sine’s dashboard and custom badges.

Privacy aware

No copy of the ID is stored. We only extract the details required for the purpose of check-in.

Real-time notifications

Automatically notify the right person, like site managers, when someone arrives at your site.


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