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The future of visitor management

No matter the size of your organization, Sine Core helps create a seamless experience for all visitors.

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Forget pen and paper

Sine Core makes keeping track of people flows easier and more 
powerful than pen and paper ever could.


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Go digital

Keep all your data in one place for easy access

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Save time

Reduce admin time with efficient check-in flows



Basic features included in all plans

Contact tracing

Small business flexibility, enterprise scalability

Whether you manage one location or hundreds, Sine Workflows scales with your business

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First class guest management software

Executive assistant

It’s time to upgrade your check-in system

See how others have implemented Sine

Make a great first impression

Wow your visitors with a tailored check-in experience to suit your workplace. Create registration flows for any type of visitor, get entry documents signed electronically, and personalize your check-in kiosks with your organization's branding.

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See more with the Activity dashboard

Who's about to arrive

See people who are expected on site soon and check them in with a click.

Who's currently on site

Get a live list of everybody currently checked in to site, from any device.

An accurate activity log

Keep an accurate and searchable record of who was on site, and when.
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Promote safe practices

Strengthen your workplace security with instant badge printing and use photo capture for proof of check-in.

Send mass communications in an emergency or to alert visitors of important information. Use facial recognition for returning visitors for a quick, seamless check-in experience.

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Sine Core

Everything you need to check-in visitors, contractors and staff.


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per site per month, billed yearly

✓ 750 check-ins/month
✓ Basic features






per site per month, billed yearly

✓ 1500 check-ins/month
✓ Basic features
✓ Native Active Directory






per site per month, billed yearly

✓ 4500 check-ins/month
✓ Basic features
✓ Native Active Directory
✓ Native Outlook plugin


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✓ Basic features
✓ Support for larger rollouts
✓ Native Active Directory
✓ Native Outlook plugin
✓ Custom InfoSec Docs

Basic features on all plans

✓ Badge printing
✓ unlimited hosts
✓ unlimited sms notifications
✓ real-time reporting
✓ Mobile app
+ more
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Get more compliance

Sine Workflows and Sine Core work hand-in-hand to help ensure people that you allow on site are properly inducted and compliant.

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Hear from our happy customers

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We needed a robust, COVID-safe electronic visitor management system - Sine offered the best solution.

OScar x.

facilities manager

Really easy to use and manage. We use it for several locations across Australia and it pretty much does everything we need it to.

Teri a.

admin coordinator


Essential features on every plan

Check in

Simple check-in

Allow guests to check in via the iPad or the Sine mobile app


Site geofencing

A virtual perimeter enables your guests to automatically check in and out


Instant notifications

Be alerted when your visitor arrives, with the ability to accept or reject



Set up health screening to ensure requirements are met before coming to site.


Reporting and analytics

Track people flows at multiple sites and run reports on visitor information



Invite your guests to fast-track their check-in



Confirm NDA’s, evacuation diagrams, and health and safety processes


Badge printing

Print badges for visitors to show critical identification information


See all features


Why do I need a visitor management system?

Visitor management is important for all businesses. Our service will give you peace of mind knowing who is on site in real time and why they are there. It ensures that your building stays secure, and your staff stay safe. Paper sign-in books are quickly becoming obsolete with the growing needs of companies and the time they take to upkeep.

How do I set up my Visitor and Contractor Management system?

Getting started with Visitor and Contractor Management is simple. In only a few steps, you can set up your site and have your iPad ready to check visitors in! Read our getting started guide.

What support does Visitor and Contractor Management provide?

Visitor and Contractor Management provides support anytime via our helpdesk. This page provides support around set-up, troubleshooting, configuration guides along with easy-to-understand videos. Alternatively, you can contact our global team via live chat (the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your page or your Sine core dashboard) or one of our local numbers below:
Australia: +61 8 8121 5956

Australia (Free Call): 1800 007 463
New Zealand:  +64 9 887 5531

United Kingdom: +44 20 3868 4676

United States: +1 917 310 3522

Canada:  +1 647 946 5609

Where can I find a list of all your features?

You can see a list of our features on the feature page.

What hardware will I need?

SinePoint Pro runs on iPads. We also recommend an iPad stand and label printer. Please visit the Visitor and Contractor Management Shop to buy hardware.

Can I customise my iPad?

Yes, you can customize your iPad to suit your branding needs. Find out more in Customize Sine Branding post.

How do I request a demo?

Request a demo on our Demo page and our friendly sales team will get back to you.

Request a demo

Enter your details and we’ll get in touch to arrange a time to understand your needs and how we can help.

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