Connected compliance for your suppliers and vendors, all in one platform.

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Streamline supplier pre-qualification

Easily manage supplier compliance, with requests, approvals and expiries all in one place.

Real-time, centralized document management

One central platform to manage all supplier compliance. Cutting down wasted time chasing suppliers and searching through correspondence to piece together audit trails.

Check in rejected

Digital efficiency, real-world actions

Companies creates an end-to-end solution, with Sine Core and Workflows, to ensure only approved, inducted and compliant contractors can check in to your facilities—and block entry for those that shouldn’t be there.

The tools modern leaders need

Manage compliance documents

Request, approve and update compliance documents in one place.

Custom document types

Define your document types and create new ones as required.

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Easy audit trail

View all activity on a company’s profile at-a-glance in the dashboard.

Expiry reminders

Limit disruptions with automatic reminders for suppliers to update expiring documents.

Workflows integration

Provide workflow respondents with a list of approved companies to select from.

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Automatic expiry

Automatically expire documents and disable check-in where needed.

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