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All you need to know about deploying Sine to your enterprise. Technology, security, support and privacy.

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Thousands of companies around the world use Sine

Sine is used at locations such as schools, sports stadia, offices, industrial, medical, retail and commercial facilities. We have offices in Adelaide, South Australia and operations in Los Angeles, New York and the Philippines.

Our team are technology purists who believe in strong encryption, tight and robust privacy controls.
Our mission is to save you time with easy to use, quality products that solve your site issues.
Our goal is to provide 24hr global support via live chat, telephone, and email in timely manner.

Dedicated Account Manager

Account Manager

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Our team ensures that every Enterprise customer is well looked after and will arrange a quote based on the number of sites you are considering to deploy Sine to and the average check-ins per day at each site.

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Personalized onboarding

We will take care of all your set up requirements from logos and artwork for your SinePoint iPad app, through to host uploads, Active Directory set-up and onboarding your team. Sine will include device management for your iPads and take care of all iPad updates so you won’t need to use Apple ID’s.


Multi-tenant visitor management solutions without compromise. Empower tenants to manage their own teams and tailor their solution to their own needs—all in one streamlined experience so visitors can check in to any tenant from any kiosks.

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“Sine has enabled us to have greater real-time visibility of our workforce to better service our customers.”
Reymond K
National Property Manager, Goodman Ltd
“Sine is fast and accurate and allows us to check in large groups of guests quickly ahead of time before their arrival.”
Tahmid U
Trainee Contracts Manager, Davis Construction
“Great sign-in process allowing instant messaging directly to our staff to ensure they are aware of their guest waiting for them.”
Rebecca S
Customer Technology Manager, Dexus
“Customer support is top-notch! Every question throughout our deployment has been answered quickly and accurately.”
Robert S
Project Manager, Downer
“Simple, easy to use, allows for plenty of customisation with good customer support. Does what is needed without any hiccups!”
Jessica S
Sydney Metro Trains

“Sine has enabled us to have greater real-time visibility of our workforce so that we can better service our cust…”

Reymond K | Operations & Risk Manager

“Sine has improved and streamlined our ability to accurately record, notify and report on visitor attendance acro…”

Jason W | Group IT Operations Manager

Manage your workplace with Sine

See how Sine can enhance safety, security and compliance for your visitors, contractors & staff.