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VISITOR MANAGEMENT features / badge printing

Instant visitor badge printing

Easily identify everyone on site with customizable visitor badges. 
Photo ID Badge

Modernize the visitor experience and improve on-site safety with badge printing on check-in 

Visitor badges can be an effective way to maintain physical security throughout your site:

Easy identification

Quickly recognize vital visitor information without compromising on convenience or safety.

Enhance compliance and safety

Ensure visitor policies are being followed and easily spot any unauthorized personnel on site.

Keep things moving

Impress your guests with modern technology and streamline people flows throughout your site in high-traffic entrance areas

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Everything you need in one spot

Have your badges printed by visitor type and customize each badge to include information that can suit your organizational requirements.


Seamless badge printing

Print visitor self-adhesive badges in an instant via the iPad, web dashboard, or from the Sine Pro mobile app using your efficient Brother QL-820NWB badge printer. Add unlimited printers to your site to cover multiple access points, and pre-print badges for visitors that have been pre-registered.

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A6 colourBadge with QR

color badges

Add a splash of color to your site

Have full-color A6-sized badges printed using any laser printer available at your site. Badges can be printed and folded to fit a sleeve lanyard to easily and efficiently identify who is located on-site. The A6 badges are a great option for events and conferences.


A convenient solution for all

Visitor types

Multiple visitor types

Set your printed badges by visitor type and ensure each badge is customized to suit that specific visitor

Face check

Photo ID capture

Capture your visitor’s photo ID via the SinePoint Pro iPad app to help ensure clear identification at your site


Real-time notifications

Receive an out-of-paper notification to your mobile whenever the printer registers as empty


QR code check-out

Unique QR codes can automatically be assigned to every badge printed from the Brother printer and can be scanned on the SinePoint Pro iPad app to check out

Active pass

Skip the queue

Use the Sine Pro mobile app to check in and print your badge. Be informed of where to collect your badge and skip the reception line

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Pre-Wi-Fi or ethernet connection

Print wirelessly with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, or use wired Ethernet. The printer is cost-effective to operate and no ink is required


Go digital | Everything you need in your back pocket

The Sine Pro mobile app allows visitors to check-in through their mobile device, generating a digital visitor badge on their phone. This can then be shown throughout the facility if they’re asked to verify their credentials or if they have checked in.

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