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15 time-consuming office tasks you can (and should) automate

Nearly every department, from the reception staff up to the C-suite, can benefit from automating certain tasks. Here are some of the tasks that businesses should consider automating.
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conducting internal audit
digital visitor management system

5 tips to create more seamless visitor flows in your workplace

A significant part of a visitor's journey when entering a new site is based on how easily they can move around, know where to go, and navigate the building. This is why ensuring seamless visitor flows is such an important part of everyday business operations as these flows can make or break your guests' first impressions of your workplace.
Blog Combatting the fear of change in the workplace copy

Change management 101: Implementing new digital visitor and contractor management software into your workplace

Given the benefits of software implementation, many businesses are constantly adding new systems to their tech stack. However, if not communicated and executed well, employers adding technology to their business processes may be met with employees’ resistance to change. 
Blog Monitoring compliance in the workplace_ an in depth guide

Monitoring compliance in the workplace: Utilizing Visitor and Contractor Management Software

Discover why compliance monitoring is important, alongside how software such as visitor and contractor management solutions can help streamline and digitize some of these processes.
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Using software as a foundation for facility efficiency

What does it mean to have an efficient facility? And how can it be monitored and measured? Here are just some of the ways software can make facilities more efficient.
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Commercial office leasing trends for 2023

Here's what we can expect to see more of in the CRE space in the coming year.
Blog Pricing Update

Pricing changes February 2023

We've updated our pricing to reflect our growth and to maintain our high standard of service. Details of new pricing inside!
Blog_FM Trends 2023

The year ahead: 2023 facilities management trends

With many 2022 trends still in play, 2023 will see a continuation of tech upscaling in commercial real estate (CRE). Here are some of the facilities management trends that we can expect to see this year and beyond.
Blog Sine for Enterprise

Why enterprise customers choose Sine

Whether you're protecting people, inventory, or even intellectual property, Sine's Enterprise Plan can help you keep your facility operational and secure!
blog paperless 2023

6 reasons to ditch paper and go digital in 2023

Switching to a paperless office can provide a range of benefits for companies, including cost savings, improved efficiency, enhanced security, and environmental benefits.
Blog Sine Lobbies

Introducing Sine Lobbies—scalable multi-tenant visitor management solutions  

We are excited to announce the release of our newest feature, Lobbies. This powerful new addition to the Sine platform enables streamlined multi-tenant visitor management solutions.
conducting internal audit

How often should you conduct a compliance audit?

We outline the importance of internal compliance audits, what to look for during the process and how frequently a company should perform them.
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What is a learning management system?

We walk you through a basic guide around learning management systems, their benefits and features and why companies use them.
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