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15 time-consuming office tasks you can (and should) automate

Nearly every department, from the reception staff up to the C-suite, can benefit from automating certain tasks. Here are some of the tasks that businesses should consider automating.
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How Multi-Tenant Buildings Can Benefit from Visitor Management Software

Managing these buildings, with their endless streams of visitors, can be challenging, especially when considering security, compliance, and efficient administration. This is where a Visitor Management System (VMS) can assist.
Challenges facing the office of the future

How visitor lobby software can help enable a more efficient workplace

Visitor lobby software, or lobby kiosk software, provides a platform that helps enable workplaces to streamline their visitor check-in procedures and enhance safety and security – all within the confines of their reception entrance area.
VCM Check In

Best ways to prepare and welcome first-time visitors and contractors to your site

We'll look at some best practices, tips, and tools that can help businesses prepare and welcome new visitors and contractors to their site and how a visitor management system (VMS) can help facilitate this.
Visitor check in kiosk

Infographic: Visitor check in kiosks for the workplace

Whether it be a small primary school, hospital, office building, public or private event, or even an airport terminal, visitor check-in kiosks are becoming an increasingly relevant part of the customer experience. In this blog post and infographic, we focus on how visitor check-in kiosks play a crucial part in relation to managing visitors in a workplace.  
Mobile based contractor induction

Must-Have Features of An Online Induction System

In today's increasingly digital business environment, an online induction system is a fundamental tool that can help you with successful onboarding and compliance practices. Below, we'll take a look at some of the must-have capabilities to look for when choosing a digital induction system for your worksite.
Honeywell Sine

Modernize Your Workplace with Visitor Registration Solutions

We'll explore how visitor registration solutions are employed across different sectors, the benefits of going digital, and how to choose the right solution for your workplace.
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Introducing Companies: an easier way to collect and manage supplier compliance documents

We are proud to announce the release of Sine Companies, an add-on that makes it easier to manage supplier compliance documentation.
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5 tips to create more seamless visitor flows in your workplace

A significant part of a visitor's journey when entering a new site is based on how easily they can move around, know where to go, and navigate the building. This is why ensuring seamless visitor flows is such an important part of everyday business operations as these flows can make or break your guests' first impressions of your workplace.
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Change management 101: Implementing new digital visitor and contractor management software into your workplace

Given the benefits of software implementation, many businesses are constantly adding new systems to their tech stack. However, if not communicated and executed well, employers adding technology to their business processes may be met with employees’ resistance to change. 
Monitoring workplace compliance

Monitoring compliance in the workplace: Utilizing Visitor and Contractor Management Software

Discover why compliance monitoring is important, alongside how software such as visitor and contractor management solutions can help streamline and digitize some of these processes.
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Using software as a foundation for facility efficiency

What does it mean to have an efficient facility? And how can it be monitored and measured? Here are just some of the ways software can make facilities more efficient.
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Commercial office leasing trends for 2023

Here's what we can expect to see more of in the CRE space in the coming year.
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