Honeywell Sine Changes

Our visitor and contractor management solution is now part of the  Honeywell Forge Performance⁺ for Buildings suite of software.

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In late 2020, Sine was acquired by Honeywell to enhance Connected Buildings solutions and make Sine software available to more customers globally.

Today, we begin preparing for the next phase of this journey: integrating into the Honeywell Forge Performance⁺ suite and rebranding.


Changes to be aware of -

  1. Honeywell Sine is now Visitor and Contractor Management, and it is part of the Honeywell Forge Performance⁺ for Buildings suite. 
  2. When you visit the website, you'll notice that our website looks different. The layout remains much the same, and you'll still be able to access your favourite resources, blog posts, and videos. 

What isn't changing -

  1. Plans and pricing - The plan that you're on and the price that you currently pay didn't change on October 10. Our bank details and our ABN haven't changed either. 
  2. Our products, add-ons, features, and integrations, with the exception of potential product improvements, bug fixes, and new releases. 
  3. The Sine dashboard - when you log into the dashboard, everything will look and feel the same, and 'work' in the exact same way. 
  4. Where and how you log in - To use our visitor and contractor management solution, you'll still be able to log in via the app or at You'll also be able to go directly to and click the 'log in' button. 
  5. Our website address - Our website looks different, but you will still be able to access it at 
  6. Our incredible team - From our support team to your day-to-day Honeywell Sine contacts, our team members will still be on hand to help - and they'll have the same email addresses and phone numbers as they do today. 


What will happen post-rebrand?

Post-rebrand, we'll keep doing what we do best: delivering solutions that help you achieve your workplace safety, security, and compliance goals. Our Visitor and Contractor Management plans will continue to cater to the needs of small, medium, and enterprise-sized businesses.

Will I need to update payment details before I pay my next invoice?

No. Our bank details and our ABN will remain unchanged until further notice. Please note that we will continue to include our payment details on each invoice. We will notify you in advance of any future changes.

Will your products and the dashboard be rebranded in future?

Yes, but these changes will take a lot longer to roll out. For now, our products, add-ons, and the dashboard will look exactly as they do today. Please note that you will be notified well in advance of any future changes.

Will the rebrand impact my Workflows? Will I need to reset passwords, or create a new account?

No. The changes that occur on October 10 will not impact the product, your dashboard, or your account in any way. Workflows links will not be impacted, and there will be no need to update passwords or create a new account.

Can I still call the support team?

Absolutely. Our existing support team will still be on hand to help. Their contact details will remain unchanged, and our live chat option will be available on the website and Sine Dashboard. Matt and the Implementation team and Mike and the Customer Success team will be available at their usual email addresses as well.

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