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Latest blog posts in Compliance Management

blog sine workflows contractor mgmtMust-Have Features of An Online Induction System
In today's increasingly digital business environment, an online induction system is a fundamental tool that can help you with successful onboarding and compliance practices. Below, we'll take a look at some of the must-have capabilities to look for when choosing a digital induction system for your worksite.
Companies Announcement Blog postIntroducing Companies: an easier way to collect and manage supplier compliance documents
We are proud to announce the release of Sine Companies, an add-on that makes it easier to manage supplier compliance documentation.
Blog Monitoring compliance in the workplace_ an in depth guideMonitoring compliance in the workplace: Utilizing Visitor and Contractor Management Software
Discover why compliance monitoring is important, alongside how software such as visitor and contractor management solutions can help streamline and digitize some of these processes.
conducting internal auditHow often should you conduct a compliance audit?
We outline the importance of internal compliance audits, what to look for during the process and how frequently a company should perform them.
Blog Evacuation Diagram e1647480371121How visitor management systems aid in emergency employee mustering
For organizations that have already invested in a visitor management system, such as Sine’s, employee mustering becomes much more straightforward since the tools are already in place.
blog webinar libraryShort on reading time? Level up with Sine's on-demand webinars!
Discover all the latest Sine webinars below — available free, on-demand — and be sure to check out and register for our upcoming webinars!
Blog VMS for ITAchieving compliance, safety, and security in commercial real estate | Part 2: Safety and security
In the second installment of our series, we explore how organizations can utilize visitor and contractor management system features to create a safe and secure workplace.  
Blog Featured Image Achieving compliance safety and security in commercial real estate July27Achieving compliance, safety, and security in commercial real estate | Part 1: Compliance (+ free Webinar)
This blog post is part of a two-part series based on the webinar 'Achieving compliance safety, security in commercial real estate'
workWhat is workflow automation, and does your company need it?
Read on to learn how workflow automation via an IWMS can be an essential time-saving and compliance tool for your company.
visitor management in schoolsThe importance of visitor management in schools
Schools have a duty of care to their students with respect to the educators and staff they employ, so too they have duty of care with respect to contractors or visitors
Aged careICYMI Webinar | Managing health and safety procedures in health care and aged care facilities
If you were unable to attend on June 1, great news – our recent webinar on how visitor management systems can enhance health and safety requirements is now live!
Battle for balance blogThe Battle for Balance in PropTech: Security vs. Convenience
As PropTech is employed to enable access to secure assets, a method to securely verify access must be implemented to satisfy security professionals.